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: JOnEsin' for KrOmE!!

07-13-2004, 08:07 AM

Yup I got it bad.

Long lazy days around the summer solstice with mint-bright summer chromers gliding over the bright river stones. Cool dawn air with a heavy fog hanging over the water, casts are made to phantoms in the mist. Hands shake with anticipation as you know a thick shouldered buck is sitting among the shore rocks this hour before the sun comes over the trees.

Evenings with bugs hatching and searuns and smolts flipping around on the calm surface. They're cute, but that's not what you're there for. Lift, sweep, cast, mend. The mind wanders as the river slurps and gurgles lightly against your legs as the light beings to fade. I usually think about how fortunate are we who include this in our lives, and think about those who have gone the way of the steelhead flyfisher before me. Haig-Brown, Knudsen, Bradner, Drain, etc. Lightly, don't splash the line now I tell myself... with a light touch on the snake roll and and aerial mend the line lights as soft as a pillow. With some tension on the bushy sedge it rises up and begins to skitter toward the tailout.

Hooking a bright summer fish on the fly is like nothing else in all of flyfishing. The only thing that can compare is to hook a big winter fish. I've been lucky to have hooked many, and lust for the chance to do it again from my desk 3,000 miles away...

Leland Miyawaki
07-13-2004, 08:41 AM
I too am JOnEsin' for KrOmE. And I'm only 30 miles away. 22 times since June first and only one pull.


07-13-2004, 10:36 AM

We need you out here to show us how. There are a few around but they are not what they were when you used to haunt the PNW streams. I floated yesterday and managed to see only one fish. The Sky has got a few shots of fish and some have been lucky enough to hook up a few times but overall, it is pretty poor. The Sno has yet to heat up. Word out of the Green is bad. One of the rivers to the north seems to be getting some fish but that is it.

It is not all doom and gloom though. It is hard to beat fishing is a t-shirt and being able to drop anchor in the middle of the river and sit up on the front deck and take a mid-day nap. :wink:

The Angler Now Known as Floater

Leland Miyawaki
07-13-2004, 10:50 AM
Yea, Juro. The Snoqualmie gets cloudy every day at 9:30 and clears around 8:30 in the evening from some upriver construction on Salish Lodge, I think. Things are tough dude!


07-13-2004, 11:39 AM
Tough times call for tough measures! This is a very good time to camp at Palmer State Park on the upper Green so you are behind the gate with the steelhead for the evening bite and from daybreak until the ranger unlocks the gate and lets the yahoos into the horseshoe and the big bouldery pool above it which holds just as many fish. Crossing at the top of the riffle or stopping on the river rd and looking into the horseshoe reveals 75 or more steelhead in that pool alone. The aggressive fish will be at the top of the run for a short while and grabby. The ones sitting in the rock gardens out of the main school will hit more often than the ones in the pack. Of course I always had a hard time explaining to the wife that I would be have to leave early enough to get my truck on the other side of the gate before they locked it at night so I would miss dinner :lildevl: But those daytime dour summer runs will hit really well in the daybreak and evening hours as if they know when the gate is locked. After any rain at all they will get grabby too, any high water and they jet up to the big palmer pool. Headworks, hanging gardens at Pautzke's, Nishimoto's, Whitney (downriver), even the slab hole from the apartment side in Auburn should have some fish in it right now. I don't know if they'll hit mid-day, but one never knows. And it's good fishing no matter what the catching.

There are several of these guerilla summer tactics but I will remain zipper-lipped about S rivers.

That sucks about the silt in the Snoqualmie... :mad: :mad:

What's the word on the lower Duc and upper Hoh; Bogey/Calawah?

Oh well, sounds like time to hit the Cow with a Kalama canyon side trip and a fling on the EFL. :smokin:

Big K1
07-13-2004, 11:34 PM

That is what is causing all the silt? I was wondering what was going on.
It has been deathly slow for me to. I think I want to cry. :frown:


07-13-2004, 11:50 PM
Explore! It's a big world out there. When is the last time you hiked downstream from the Wynochee canyon dam? OK it's a little early, what about White's bridge to Blacks Creek stretch? How about the logging roads along the lower Duc, or muddler'ing the fast water above the hydro pipes below the Sno falls at dawn? Camp along the holy water on the Kalama and fish till dark one night, then hit it at dawn the next morning - then fish the Cow during the day. Or go way up to Heissen on the East fork, although Daybreak is always a nice spot to hook a steelhead on a rainy day right under the bridge. The Satsop has a small run of native summer fish that I am certain hold in the forks pool for those who go there. No one goes there in July!

You see when I lived there, I worried that the plug would be pulled and I would have to move so I fished every nook and cranny I could. After 12 years, the plug was pulled and I had to move back. I am sure glad I ran around the region!

I have to say that what I see is folks without my same fears tend to fish home waters and have a fairly small view of the region while the pacific northwest is rich with a diverse array of options for any given weekend. Oh what I would do to have that within my reach again.

Leland Miyawaki
07-13-2004, 11:51 PM
I have heard that it is due to work on the power plant. I read that there was to be some expansion of the lodge (the construction looks like it is there). I just heard from a friend that they are widening the river above the falls. Whatever, it clouds the waters at 9:30 am. I went out yesterday evening and saw that it clears around 8:30pm.

Still, like Juro, I live for the soft summer mornings on the river. Soon, I'll hit my KrOmEr in the same place he was last year and know that all the jarring alarm clocks, all the driving, and all the casts were worth it.


07-14-2004, 12:04 AM
The Snohomish fish that branch up the Snoqualmie have to be somewhere in the river. If there is silt coming from the falls area I would think it will clear before it reaches Carnation due to the filtering effect of rapids. I would be tempted to take a ride along the river under those conditions to have a look-see. How much of the lower river does anyone really know? I would like to float it from Falls City to Duvall some day just to see what it looks like.

If it's coming from the pipes then the water above should be clear all day. One ride up past Salish should answer that question. Maybe it's time to hike down to the pool and fish the falls pool tailout down to the pipes, or better yet just drive upriver past Tokul and park at the pipes and walk up to fish back down.

Is the Tolt open anymore? I had a 7 fish / 4 fish landed day there once and there was no one else fishing the river all day. The weekend before we waded the lower section to explore it near the mouth and saw bright summer fish scooting away from us so we fished it the next weekend bright and early upriver. Most of the fish were smaller, a couple went about 4 pounds - but some were closer to 10#. I suppose it's probably closed due to the Tolt natives that have squeaked through all these years, and there's that Raging R. population of wild summer fish as well.

Big K1
07-14-2004, 01:43 AM

It is murky below Carnation also. I am afraid I fall into the stick with homewaters fishing. I always want to explore other systems more but finding the time can be hard.


They must be stirring up quite a bit stuff. I was very suprised last Sat. when the river was so murky. I figured it was from the rain we had. The Tolt was running clear though and that struck me as odd. Last friday it was clear when I was out from 5:00 AM- 11:00. I was down lower and maybe it hadn't reached me yet.


07-14-2004, 07:45 AM
I'd be curious to know where the silt is coming from. A ride up past the Salish and thru town to I90 would solve that riddle, at least if it's starting above the falls, at the lodge, or below at the pipes.

Here's a crazy thing similar to what we do out here in striper country once in a while... pick up a lightweight inflatable kayak like the stearns one-man (aka. pooltoy) and park at the pipes. Carry the yak upriver to the falls pool and cross over to the far side of the falls pool. Fish that whole side right down to the tailout and rapids below on foot, as far as you want down, then paddle back over to call it a day. I've always wanted to do that. If the silt is coming from the pipes, you would have clear water through that whole stretch. The silt itself could be affecting where the fish are holding, in fact it's a given. Finding out the source of it could be key to finding where the fish are holding. If there is oxygenation concern and siltation at the same time the fish are probably not in a comfort zone and will be seeking it.

Anyway the Green is not that far away, and it's worth a peek from the bluff across Horseshoe to take a count. Most likely there are 75 or more fish in that hole by now although there is limited access unless you camp overnight due to the locking of the gates. This works to the advantage of the dedicated angler though, and I always bring a couple quarters to take a shower in the park facilities because they are the hottest high-pressure showers anywhere and one quarter is good enough. Gorgeous park, a lot of hidden pools no one knows about if one pokes around. A few locals know them but for the most part only two or three pools get hit hard and only during the day.

The Headworks is another story entirely... it's rare to see anyone else up there unless there are salmon around which seems to bring people out. Summer steelhead love that area and hold in that very comfortable well oxygenated canyon. I have found them to be very grabby in that stretch and there is water to be explored from the dam all the way down to the River Rd bridge and below, and I have seen, hooked or landed fish through that whole stretch.

It seems like a strong year in some rivers. Who knows there might be an army of fresh summer fish in some King County river in any given stretch off the beaten path that no one has passed a fly over all summer. One things for sure, it's not the water everyone fishes!

07-14-2004, 12:43 PM
You really are jonesin' man! ;)

...actually I've heard some fairly decent reports from one of your old favorites that you did mention.

07-15-2004, 12:17 AM
From the railroad track, opposite from the lodge, construction is fouling the water on the Snoqualmie, I saw it with my own two eyes.

Big K1
07-15-2004, 01:28 AM
Are there not supposed to be those black reparian fences up to keep this kind of SH*T from happening. This just goes to show if you have enough money you can say f**k the enviroment. If you want to build anything on your own property and a ditch runs through it anywhere near a stream you will get denied yet these jerkoff developers can just take a big old dump in the river. Sorry for the rant lack of fish so far this summer has got me a little on edge.

Kevin :mad: :mad:

07-15-2004, 06:26 AM
K1 you're absolutely correct, I think there are laws against this sort of environmental impact due to construction.

Let's do something about it! Is anyone familiar with the King Co reps who would be responsible? How about getting the NEWS involved :smokin:

07-15-2004, 09:13 AM
Sorry to rub it in Juro but just another morning on the river. Up at 0330, bad AM/PM coffee and a cherry pie, " Democracy Now"on the radio with good and factual reporting. To river and lined up at 0415. Started fishin at 0430, fished 3 complete runs on a warm, still and partly cloudy morning, all the runs fished almost perfectly. How was catching? Back to truck by 0610, stop for a 16 oz Americano with half & half at a coffee stand, ya she was kind of cute. In office at 0643. Now that's what I'd call the perfect commute to work.

Wish we had more Duncan Doughnuts out here.

Sounds like you need a NW fix real bad.
Come out and fish soon but slow down a bit when here most of us don't get to see you because you are moving at the speed of light.

Brian Simonseth
07-15-2004, 11:48 AM

Iíll rub a little too!

Leave the house around 4:00am listen to Van Morrison on the way up to the river (got to love that) started fishing around 4:30am. No one was there, perfect! Fished till 8:00am came home ready for the day. That my weekly schedule got to love it!

Oh yea where my fly?

Leland Miyawaki
07-15-2004, 11:58 AM
Hey, I'll give Juro a little rub also!

I'm writing this at 9:55am. I just got into the office from the river. At 6:30, I was casting your creeper to a "player" that rolled just downstream of me. And not another soul was around.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be at the Narrows tossing poppers at blackmouth.

See you soon!