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: Audobon program report: aerial photos

07-09-2004, 12:35 PM
Wed PM Tim Voorheis, a spotter pilot for a BFT harpooner operating off the Cape and Maine showed aerial photos at Audobon's Wellfleet center. The show sold out (100+ viewers) soon after the doors opened and will be shown again in the fall.

Voorheis is articulate, has a sense of humor, and has an incredible set of pictures. In addition to a lot of fantastic whale shots, especially bubble feeding details, there were pictures of upwellings, offshore rips etc. These were from 2500ft and offerred a perspective that even those familiar with them from a boat may have missed. Fantastic show!

This would be worth checking on in the fall, and it would be great if he showed it with other groups. [he doesn't seem to be in the on-line white pages but I think he said he lived in Chatham]

The show was one of a series of Wed night shows. Next week the talk will be on long-liners.

Incidentally in addition to piggybacking on the harpooning to pay for this he has an advantage over Penguin in getting photos in that he can stay in the air for 13 hours! [His 'passenger' is a gas tank.]