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: Riffle Dancer

07-07-2004, 06:02 PM
Here is another very fine waking fly that was originated by Mark Pinch of Spokane, WA, it is called the "Riffle Dancer".

Thread: Flat-Waxed Nylon.

Tail: Ends of the deer body hair used for the body

Body: Deer hair tied around the shank and bound down with tying thread. It
is tied in 1/3 back from the hook eye and the thread is criss-crossed to
the end of the hook shank and back to where it was first tied in. The
butts of the hair are cut off close. And the ends of the deer hair form
the tail.

Thorax: Spun deer hair, clipped even with the body on top and sides; but left a
little longer than the body on the bottom forming sort of a flattened

Wing: Bring tying thread to the middle of the thorax (after it is clipped) and
tie in deer hair, moose body, or elk hair wing paddles (or outriggers)
on each side so they point down below the hook point.

Carapace: Moose body hair tied on at the same place the wings are tied in with
the butts going over the hook eye. Trim the butts so they are slightly
beyond the hook eye.

Note: the one I scanned is tied with moose body hair for the wings, which I prefer since they are stiffer, are more durable than deer hair, don't require flexible glue to be added to them to keep their shape, and the moose eliminates the need to tie in a separate small bunch of moose body over the thorax for the waking butts.

The one on the left is the bottom view showing the moose wing butts extended beyond the hook eye. The one on the right is the tip view showing the moose wings and how the butts are trimmed.

07-07-2004, 07:01 PM
Great looking fly!! Thanks for posting it, and the recipe!
Tight lines!

07-12-2004, 07:31 AM
Very interesting! I will have to give this one a shot when the finger gets better. :tsk_tsk: