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: Couple 'a' Swap flies

03-13-2001, 06:13 PM
Captain Ray Stachelek's Angel Hair Fly" border="0"></center>
Hook- Tiemco 811S, # 1 through 3-0, standard length or equivalent
Thread- clear monochord
Tail- Clear Ultra Hair
Upper wing- Pearl Gold, Gold, Copper or Dark Brown, Dark Blue
Under wing- Pearl Gold
Eyes- Prefer 3D or prismatic. Size to suit.
Epoxy- Devcon 5 minute

A popper

<center><img src="

Hook - Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H #1.
Body - Foam painted pearl white. Prismatic holographic material cut to fit. Colored on top with prismacolor marker. Red gill painted. Witchcraft eyes. Five minute Devcon epoxy.
Thread - White.
Tail - White bottom, gray middle & black top.

03-13-2001, 07:22 PM
Great Caesar's Ghost! How'd that mushy get on this board!

I knew SSully was conducting his own secret cloning experiments, but I didn't realize that he was that far along in his experiments. Cloning with synthesis's is dangerous biotech game. One more gene chromosome and that fly would have been a Kenny Abrames' Flatwing.

This is scary stuff, especially in Sean's hands (alas... Doctor Evil). Our fishing world will never be save again from the likes of Sean type character's.

The two greatest fears of any fly fisher -

1. Casting in 30+ mph head winds
2. Having Sean date your sister when he was single.

Is anything screed anymore?

Bob Pink
03-13-2001, 08:19 PM
I tried photographing that fly with a hood over it's head to protect it's real identity but it kept screaming <b>"Fish Me"!!!!</b>

03-13-2001, 11:13 PM
Dr. Frankensully "It's ALIVE'!

NO! NO! NO! It's got a bluefish brain.

Quick, Igor get the BOCA GRIP! NO! NO! ..... ...AARRGGGAAAUUUUHHH!!!!!!