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: flyswap "Striper roach"

03-09-2001, 03:30 PM
Striper Roach aka Cock roach

This fly is basically a cockroach pattern that is used for Tarpon. I have never fished for Tarpon but it is a great nighttime pattern for stripers. I used the yellowish grizzly because I thought it looked similar to the color of the Pollock that I've seen on the north shore around Cape Anne. These are tied fuller to push more water for nighttime use.

Step 1 Tie in your thread at above the hook point.

Step 2 Tie two to four Grizzly hackles to the top of the hook shank flared outward.

Step 3 Tie in the flash material of you choice above the hook shank so that it trails between the tail hackle.

Step 4 Tie in squirrel tail dyed a color that complements the tail hackle about mid shank rotating the hair around the hook before tying in.

Step 5 Advance the thread to the front of the hook and repeat step 4 leaving room to finish the head.