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: f;y swap pics

03-09-2001, 08:03 AM
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This is basically a flatwing pattern, ie. Rhody flatwing. The main difference is the colors used because I was trying to get a wide body fly for p'bunker imitation that would be useful at night or in the white water. The recipe is as follows: HOOK- Gamakatsu SC15 2/0
TAIL- Sparse blue dun or black bucktail rain
bow flashabou and one black saddle
tied flat.
BODY- pink pearl Bill's Bodi-braid
COLLAR- blue dun bucktail sparse @ 1/3 tail
WING- short flashabou, sparse black bucktail
3/4's the length of the tail.
THROAT- small clump of gray calftail the
length of the hook shank.
As an option you can add some purple bucktail in the wing and add a topping of peacock herl. Eyes are also optional as is the method of fastening them to the fly. Good luck !
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