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07-02-2004, 03:34 PM
An apology to Mean Mr Mustard is in order from me for not responding to his post on the Skagit River. I thought his ideas were thoughtful and helpfull. Guess I was too tired and depressed from the Brandy Creek posts to say any more.

So MMM my friend all I can say and it is just my way of thinking. Is that that the Skagit will be saved when the majority of people and not just a few special interest groups want it to be saved. When the public demands a change in priorities of where its hard earned monies are spent, when the public demands laws with back bone to protect and restore and the laws can't be tampered with by developers, real estate interests and money hungry growth advocates. When the citizens decide that buying products from small local businesses in already established communitties is more important even to the enviroment than the few cents they save buying at stores like Home depot and Wallmart which by the way are putting new stores close to the Skagit on I-5 right now with their 60 thousand feet of asphault parking lot for runoff dirrectly into he Skagit. When our tax dollars go to restoring flood lands and the estuary and telling the farmer his land must go back to the way it was, he still can run cows on it he still can hay but when it floods it floods and of course we must pay him a fair market value not for taking his land but telling him this is how it must use his land for the health and bennefit of the land and its people. Other more socialized countries such as Sweeden, Finland and Germany have done this and had great sucsess.

All the little solutions mentioned in Grandy creek thread are great and would help quicken the restoration of wild fish if we could demand that the river be restored to some resemblence of the orriginal. We could even have the hatchery who would care. Just if the wild fish we have now prospered and were sucsessfull from birth to their return to spawn in a healthy river system.

God, MMM no one or few really care even if they think they do, myself included. No one here that I know is going to change their ways and many will go just like always looking to climb the upward mobility circle, buy biger homes because they can, continue to drive to work in bumper to bumper in SUV or a pickup just because it's some type of macho. I like the excuse, well I got a drift boat so I need a gas guzzler/4wd? People in Europe don't have pickups but they tow boats and trailers around just fine with more efficient vehicles but we are Americans and we are way too cool.

Anyway don't know if you will read this but MMM I like your life style I like your concern. You live a simple life you live a life most of us would like to live but don't have the balls to do so. You the man MMM best of luck!

See you on the river.

07-02-2004, 09:42 PM
I had wanted to respond as well, but the thread disappeared? Great ideas MMM and thanks OC for reviving the thread.