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: Page Roger's Beachglass silverside

06-21-2000, 10:04 PM
A full description of this pattern can be found in the special archive edition of "On the Water." I've modified it to suit my own particular style of fishing.

<b>hook:</b> 3407 sizes 1/0 - 3/0
<b>thread:</b> Danville's fine mono
<b>body:</b> Opti-braid (smallest diameter), bucktail
<b>tail:</b> hackle
<b>flash:</b> perl Krystal or rainbow Comes Alive
<b>eyes:</b> smallest prism stick on eyes you can find

Tie in two black hackles just above the bend on either side. Pay careful attention to the curve as per Lefty's advice. They need to point inward toward each other. Strip the fuzzy stuff from the end (what looks like marabou - sorry I don't know the technical term for this)

Tie in 6 strands of flash evenly dispersed around the hook and extending at least to the tip of the hackle. Whip finish.

Slide body braid over the hook eye all the way back to the bend (or slightly above) and tie down. Leave an equal length of braid extending beyond the hook eye. Work the eye through the braid letting the excess hang down. Tie down just behind the eye.

Tie in a top wing of black bucktail. Holding the hair down tight against the braid, secure hair just above where the hackle is tied with a few wraps of thread (this is tricky but gets easier with practice).

Bend the excess braid back to just below the hackle and tie in with a few tight wraps. Trim excess braid.

Wrap braid and bucktail just below the eye to form the head and whip finish.

Apply stick on eyes.

Draw lateral stripes along braid with green marker.

Double coat with epoxy, waiting at least 10 minutes between each coat (assuming 5 minute epoxy). Avoid Softex.