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: Flip Pallot's Prince of Tide

06-18-2000, 04:15 PM
I found this pattern in Lefty Kreh's "Saltwater Fly Patterns". Credited to Flip Pallot (Walker's Cay Chronicles) as his all-around favorite inshore fly used to catch many inshore species. Lefty claims to have had success with it in Central America and the South Pacific as well.

I originally tied this pattern for a business trip to Hilton Head where I thought I had a chance of finding some redfish. I didn't. But, I did have it in one of my fly boxes one night when I was fishing an estuary with Juro and my fly kept getting fouled with mung on every cast. While it isn't truly a weedless fly, it did a damn good job that night. The fly rides hook point up and seems to be a decent all-around baitfish clone. I've been using it with success on almost every outing since.

Prince of Tide (Flip Pallot)

Hook: 1/0 - 3/0 (I like #1)
Thread: brown (I like clear mono)
Body: 12 - 15 lb. Mono
Copper Crystal Flash
Gold Flashabou
Wing: White bucktail
Olive/ dark green bucktail
Brown bucktail
Copper Flashabou

1. Along the full length of the hook shank, tie in some 12 - 15# clear mono stopping at the beginning of the hook bend. Leave several inches of mono hanging.
2. Starting where you stopped tying in the mono, tie in a mix of several strand of copper Crystal Flash and gold Flashabou. Wind your bobbin back up to the eye. Wrap the Crystal Flash and Flashabou forward to the hook eye and tie off. Tightly coil the mono forward over the Crystal Flash & Flashabou and tie off.
3. Rotate the hook in the vise so it is now point up. Tie in a bunch of white bucktail. Top with a bunch of dark green/ olive bucktail. Top with several strands of copper Flashabou. Top with a bunch of dark brown bucktail.
4. With your thread, finish the head bullet-style. Paint it brown with large yellow eyes with black pupils.

I secure every bunch/ piece of material I use with Quick Tite by Loctite. It comes in a liquid tube, gel tube or liquid brush. I perefer the brush due to the fact that I just can't seem to keep the tubes from clogging. Regardless, I find that for me, it makes my flies extremely durable.

Good luck, try the fly, I will try to have a photo of the fly posted. Email me with any questions or if you want to go try it or any other flies out with me.


Jay C.
06-28-2000, 12:29 PM

dude, did you do the picture of this famed fly yet? Hopefully it's still working for you, but I have to catch up.
How did you make out with the broken rods? What's your take on the Sage DS loaner? I've got to commit to something for Diane soon....I still get a chuckle out of the Valentine rod story...too much...see ya

Jay C.