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: Norwalk.. 6/19

06-21-2004, 01:39 PM
Got out of Norwalk @ 4:30 am.. THICK FOG! Weaseled my way through the islands going slowwwwwww since I couldnt see more than 100yds. Fished a few "fishy" looking points and came up empty except for a slight skeg dinging incident when I came up on a flat that I wasnt ready for.. oh well no prop damage so I lucked out. After the "dinging" I ran around the point to a " Bowl " on the back side of an Unmentioned Island. Found a nother point... 1.5 ft deep that dropped off into 8ft-10ft. One test cast with a Gibbs had a healthy 5lber cream it. After that we started to see swirls all around us.. subtle but you could tell we wer surrounded by fish. I managed 3 landed and 6 dropped and my partner landed 4 and 4 dropped. On the flood tide we cautiously made our way toward open water and up towards Sunken Island and Pennsfield. On the way we encountered at least 15 schools of bunker up on top... threw the fly and came up empty. Last ditch effort I tossed out a HUGE Storm 9oz bunker and let it drop under the school to around 25ft deep. WHAMO!!!! A huge 15lb blue smashed the tar out of it.. after a 5 minute tussle I got it boatside only to have him straighten the hook and shear all the rubber off the jig. Oh well $10 bucks down the tube, but it was worth it.

Just a reminder for those boaters and kayakers out there: Be extremely careful in the fog ... its way to easy to loose your bearings and get into trouble. I came back to the spot I fished in the morning when the fog burnt off and I cant believe thats where we fished. I thought I was someplace totally different. My GPS and Chart didnt lie but I spent 20minutes arguing with my partner that it wasnt the " Morning Spot". Actually I still have my doubts. Seriously though.. make sure you have a GPS, chart and all your safety gear before you head out. Also if you dont feel comfy about the weather... grab some breakfast and coffe and wait until conditions improve. A fish isnt worth boat damage or possible injury!