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: Fishing in Roscoe

06-20-2004, 09:00 PM
So a week ago I went to my home waters in Roscoe, the Beaverkill and the Willowemoc. During the 5 days I was there I caught 6 fish, it amazes me how just a few fish can make your week or month. I got to see Larry Soloman a good family friend who I have not seen in years. I saw a good friend who talked me into helping teach some kids about flyfishing for 3 weekends in July so I'll be doing alot of driving. A good friend of my grandmother's brought me fishing and showed me alot about fishing wets, and caught my first fish on a wet fly that day. Could not have asked for more even got to bring my cusions fishing and helped the oldest one improve his cast.
The rivers were perfect water temp and level was good, sulphers, Isonychia, and Blue Wing Olives were out and kept the fish rising everynight.
I lost a 16+ inch brown trout inches from my net. It was dark i did not bring my light. But the 6 other 8-12 fish I caught made up for it.
It was one hell of a week now I just need to get my ass saltwater fishing.