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: Popovics Hollow Fly

06-14-2004, 09:10 AM
I was cruising old post that talked about the hollow fly. I had the pleasure of watching Bob do his demo at the LL Bean FlyFishing Expo this year, as well as having about an hour to talk one on one with him. I will tell you what, that fly has changed the way I fish for stripers. I will try my best to get a digital camera so I can post some images of what I am tying!

I spun up some all black ones the other night with some red krystal flash in the second to last layer and it is an assasin for night fishing. SUPER PROFILE!!!!

Stripblue I saw the ones that you tied with the eyes, they look great. I on the other hand have yet to put eyes on mine. If anything I will use Golden Pheasant tippets for impresionistic eyes.

Life is good here in Maine!