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06-07-2004, 08:13 PM
I am heading out to Chatham this coming week to try for some stripers with my nephews . I am heading out there for the first time. I will be flyfishing and would like to know if you would share some spots to try. I have a 4wd if that helps. I was also considering heading out to Monomoy. I will be staying near the Chatham light house. I appreciate your help.

06-07-2004, 09:15 PM
Your best bet would be the Morris Island/South Beach/Monomoy area. Park your vehicle on the side of the road across from Stage Harbor of the Morris Island Road (do NOT park past the private property sign indicating where the town road ends), and either hike up to the Morris Island Refuge at the end of Wiki's Way (if you want to fish the Morris Island beach only) or hop into the Rip Ryder shuttle van (red) if you are planning on taking the Rip Ryder ferry ($10 each) over to South Beach or Monomoy. If you're taking the ferry, call Capt. Keith Lincoln (508-945-5450) at least a day or two beforehand to make sure he's running that day and to reserve a spot. Another option (considering where you are staying) would be to hike to the beach in front of Chatham light, then head south down South Beach. As for the 4wd, you can't use it on the beaches that permit 4wd vehicles without a special 4wd sticker, which cost about $160.....
Good luck!

06-08-2004, 08:11 AM
There has been an infusion of sand eels in to the area and the spring build up is now stirred up by their arrival. One has to think about how the fish will feed on them to have the best success. Fish are currently benefiting from shoals of bait staying up inside the refuge areas and thus not really roaming around on the flats the way they were just prior to the sand eels arrival. But these shoals will likely not stay too long in such thick numbers and things should get back to normal anytime now. A very reliable approach is to find the basins where the sand eels are concentrated during minus tides and the fish will be right in there with them right through the low tide where they would normally have left with the tide.

One way is to deal with the oceanside beaches with sinking lines fishing a sand eel pattern low and slow, hopping it along. Hook-up patterns of course to avoid snagging and debris.

Another is to find tidal outlets where the bait is put at a disadvantage and swing the flies down and across. Or just find the blitz and hang on tight!

Or find a quiet estuary like the Stage Harbor inlet and twitch a slider along on a dawn or dusk flood tide.

Good luck, Chatham is my striper "home water" and I am confident you will find that area a mecca for SW flyfishing.