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06-07-2004, 08:24 AM
We awoke Saturday to the calls of sandhill cranes announcing to their corner of the world that it was time to get up. My watch read 5:15, the sun was not up yet. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I looked across the North arm of Steamboat Lake to the hillside beyond. The horses were already grazing among the purple and yellow wildflowers. The mountains still covered in patches of snow told that this might not be a drought year after all. The water was dimpled with trout rising to jumbo size 14 midges. We were not here to flyfish. I brought my son to try out the new motor on the tinny. Jake and I launched the boat amid the rising trout. We trolled carefully and silently along the feeding lanes. Jake hooked up first with a small black panther martin that had a gold blade. I kept thinking a parachute adams would have worked pretty well. A few guys in float tubes joined us and we all caught fish. In the afternoon I noticed a few callebeatis in the air but the big hatch is still a week or so away. Driving to Steamboat Friday we noticed that US40 was closed. Yestserday I read that some crazy guy in a tricked out armored bulldozer had taken out about a dozen buildings in Grandby. Welcome back to the real world.