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: Penn's one and only Letort...

06-05-2004, 11:56 AM
This past Saturday I had the opportunity to fish one of Pennsylvania's (maybe one of the countries...) toughest spring creeks...The Letort. Although I arrived late (9:30 AM) I was relieved to see that my favorite section had not yet been fished. This is an important aspect of fishing this stream because it is almost impossible to catch fish after someone has already fished ("tromped") thru! I began the day with my usual size #6 white streamer and was immediately rewarded with a strike. In the next couple of hours I SLOWLY fished/crawled(more crawling than fishing) up my side of the bank and was rewarded(I do mean rewarded because the Letort does not give up it's fish easily!) with a couple of eight inch browns. I eventually came to a bend in the creek where there is a deep cut bank and some overhead cover provided by a blown down tree and tons of aquatic vegetation. My first pitch(Yes I mean pitch...) was immediately hit; after a prolonged fight and a little aquatic gardening(I had to go after the fish which had buried itself in the vegetation.) I managed to get the 16-17 inch fish to net. After that episode I called it a day until on my walk back to the car I noticed three fish midging on the far side of the creek. After about thirty minutes of stalking,crawling, and wading I managed to get myself into position to have a shot at these fish. After lenghtening my leader to at least fifteen feet and going to 7x I knotted on one of my favorite home-brew midges and caught the two small browns that were between me and the third which was tight to the bank. Unfortunately I was unable to get a good drift on the third, much larger, 18 inch class fish. I eventually sent him scurrying to the security of his own under cut bank. Doesn't it always seem that the big fish always pick the hardest, most impossible lie.

All in all it was an awesome morning of fishing on a tough piece of water.

06-07-2004, 07:47 AM
Nice report. Sounds like you cracked the code for a day at least. When are you coming up to stripah country?

06-07-2004, 04:15 PM
one of these years i am gonna stop and fish penn

drrive through it just about every year