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: long ugly story here

06-01-2004, 09:49 PM
they are native to oregon just not the Rogue,,got in the river during the flood of 64,some guy had them as feeder fish for some commercial ``read' market meat fish farm on upper graves creek, now they inhabit most of the river,of course,,the dam controversy here~SAVAGE RAPIDS~,will allow them to run all the way upriver,they don't go above savage rapids,don't now why,just every time i fish below,and the water's warm,catch them,above,never,so,we'll see ~what shakes out~,,might not be pretty!,funny thing,you go to the `upper Rogue' say `sqawfish'they get this faraway look in their eyes,like you're talking a dif. lingo,pretty soon it'll be `their lingo',maybe!,colder water might keep them down river, i really don't think this has NOT been studied NEARLY enough,,,of course once the dam is gone it'll be to late to do any tagging,studies,,,!?,,certainly will shakeup the crowd up there if it turns bad,and there ARE some big sqaw's in the middle section,they'll scare ya'when you expect to see a trout on the end of your line!,i've taken them on dries,red,yellow humpies work,of course worms are a `go to',heheheee

06-01-2004, 10:49 PM
Thanks Hammer,
My last trip to the Deschutes with some friends, my 9 year old, and his young kids up by the shears falls area is what promted this post.

With that GO TO pattern you talked about (worms---3 young ones in the group), we caught 10 squawfish to every one trout. Scarrry:mad: They are going to ruin a great fishery if left unchecked. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I'd prefer to get them on my fly rod and out of the river. They are used in liquid organic fertilizer for agriculture and fish meal for poultry and dairy cattle feed. Can't think of much else they are good for, all bones..........

Go on the ATTACK up in the Columbia River and pay for a new fly rod:


06-02-2004, 12:36 AM
need to say to the member's of the forum Sorry ,about the screwy way my reply to tieflies was posted,,just a lot going on this afternoon,in the house here,so once i wrote a big ol' response,well,didn't want lose it!,soooo,maybe a moderator can square this up? ,yeah,,bony huh!,hehehee,that's funny,i remember one young guy who worked at a local sporting goods chain store here was into `cast-n-blast',for those that aren't familiar with the term ,it amounts to fishing for winter steelies combined with duck hunting,all from a driftboat,well,can you imagine what he thought was a fifteen pound steelie,that they chased down river on 8 pound leader,only to find a squaw on the end of the line, he simply swung the shotgun over the side and,released the fish!,,,yes, they ARE disliked here,well, downriver a bit from here,but that'll change,and not for the better,at least not in my neck of the river,and probably the creek behind the house as well,nursery wtaer for all salmonids that swim in the river hmmm,well,gotta roll!, get the house ready to sell ahead of time,before Rogue River City becomes `the squawfish capitol'!:eyecrazy: :tsk_tsk:

06-02-2004, 01:40 PM
I think you can still sign up with the fish and game to be paid for catching and killing them. This was on the Columbia. Dont know if it will ever make a dent in their population.

06-02-2004, 02:11 PM

All the info is at:


It tells about how many are caught each year and all the stats.

It states:

"Results indicate that the program is successful. Since 1990 over 2,095,000 northern pikeminnow have been removed from the Snake and Columbia rivers as a result of the sport reward program. Millions of young salmon survived that would have otherwise been eaten. We estimate that predation on juvenile salmonids has been cut by 25 percent. In 2003, more than 195,000 northern pikeminnow were caught."

They are paying between $4-6 each through money set aside for this from the electric companies.

"The 1980 Pacific Northwest Power Act directs the Bonneville Power Administration to fund work to improve salmon runs harmed by federal hydroelectric dams."

Info........If your interested.

06-02-2004, 06:12 PM
Thanks, maybe I can use it to supplement My retirement:hehe:

When I lived in The Dalles we made enogh to go out to dinner some. Prineville is a long drive to do it now.