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05-08-2001, 12:47 PM

Here's a look at my "red sandwich" pattern. Like most everything I fish, it's a pretty simple tie. I like fishing relatively small hooks, either 1's or 2's, mostly because bigger hooks are more likely to do damage to a fish.

#2 heavy wire wet fly salmon hook
Red floss bumper tied just above the hook point
*tie in a purple grizzly hackle at the tip, stripping off one side of the feather
* make a dubbing loop and spin in black
hairtron, wrap this forward leaving about 1/4 inch behind the hook eye
*wrap the grizzly hackle forward
* add a pair of purple grizzly hackles for wings, I use narrow feathers that extend at least 1/2" behind the hook bend
* finish with a few turns of bright red chicken neck to complete the "red sandwich"

I've had luck with this pattern on the Dean, fishing it deep on sink tips. Red seems to be a good color on that river whether the water is clear or colored up. On a heavy hook this pattern sinks really well, and the wings give it a little swimming action.