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: What type reel, line?

05-23-2004, 10:32 AM
Howdy all, I'm new here, this is the first post.
I've done a little flyfishing over the years but have never gotten serious about it. I own two fly rods but no reel, line, leader.....just getting started.
The one rod is a Fenwick glass rod my Dad,(now deceased), owned in the early '70s. It is an 8', line wt 6. The second rod I recently traded for. It is an Orvis 9', line wt 5, TLS, "tip flex" model. The Fenwick is a much more limber or slower rod than the Orvis.
About all of my fishing is done here in rivers & lakes of Wyoming for trout. What recomendtions do you folks have for a reel & line? There's a great variety in tapers and price. I've always thought of a fly reel as a cheap, simple unit to hold line but I see now that it is easy to pay $100 for one. Thanks in advance for your advise.

05-23-2004, 06:25 PM
You be best served by a weight forward floating (designated as WFF on the box) in the line weights of each rod. This means a WF6F for the Fenwick, and a WF5F for the Orvis. The Fenwick is one of the venerable, fiberglass rods. The Fenwick fiberglass rods are still among the nicest casting fiberglass rods ever made. The reason it is slower is because fiberglass is a lot less stiff than graphite.

All you need for a reel is something to hold the line. You don't need the expensive, machined, disc-drag reels. One of the "cheaper" reels with a click drag would be just fine. There are many very serviceable trout rod reels on the market for $50.00 and less.