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: A 5 day perspective on 2 handed rods

05-17-2004, 10:11 PM
There has been alot of posts and interest this past winter on the 2 handed rods. I thought I'd give my perspective, after my first 5 days fishing with my new Atlantis. To set the stage, I am a novice with the two handers, although I have been flyfishing for stripers for the past 15 years. I got the rod in Dec. and practiced with it on the local football field, before coming to the Cape.
Over the past two weeks I have fished 5 days with the Altantis. I spent a good bit of the winter fussing and fooling with lines that I thought should work. I put some posts up about the system that I ended up with. I have gotten alot of questions about "what line is best?", most folks are really asking "which one cast the furthest?". Not really a fair question, as my standard 9' 9 wt will cast my teeney 450 further than my 9wt. floater, yet both are used in completely different circumstances. The same goes for Atlantis lines. LC-13 cast the furthest, but the clear intermediate does fine also. Like any rod, the feel is different with different lines. You just adjust your timing alittle.
The weather over the past 2 weeks on the Cape was typical, sunny, windy, rainy, gusty, overcast..., sometimes all in the same day!
Below are my observations, as a novice "two hander";
1-The orvis sized stripping basket is adequate
2-line control takes alittle getting used to, I missed several fish on the first two days.
3-You need to pinch the line with both hands (use your middle finger) when casting, or you will lose it.
4-keep a straight line with the rod when casting, otherwise the loop will get funky. A slower, more powerful casting stroke seemed to work best, especially when starting.
5-you should see the top of your right hand (I am right handed) when you finish your cast (Thanks Juro/Sean)
6-debarb your hooks completely......, you will generate alot of line speed when you get the casting motion down and those shooting head will STING.....,
7-Stick with it. You didn't learn to double haul a flyline the first day you picked up a rod. I was pretty frustrated and wore out the first two days on the water with it. On day 5, I could sail the entire intermediate.
8- The rod definitely has its' place. It won't replace my 9' 9wt for sight fishing, but for the places that you need the extra distance, it will really help.
I am curious what others might say about their "maiden voyages"
Great seeing everyone at the Clave.
I will be back the first two weeks of June.

05-18-2004, 06:22 AM
Good points Rooster. I watched Paul Cheever cast his Atlantics and it was quite a show. He said he was still learning. Pretty good for a newbie in my opinion. He was using an intermediate line. I think we will see more of these rods as people get to see them in action. FishHawk:D

05-18-2004, 07:06 AM
I watched Paul cast cross-body overhand in a very stiff crosswind on the surf for hours, finally I had to walk over and tell him he was a credit to two-handed beach casters! With that smooth overhand stroke I've never seen anyone so relaxed in a wind that was sand-blasting anything on the beach from the wrong direction.

GregD found his stroke in the same wind but went left-hand up in order to deal with that nasty wind and started to reach past the waves and hook up.

I had the 9/10 prototype with a 10wt 35ft shooting head and could reach out and touch the fish with ease all day using cross-body casts.

Sat was a good day to have a 2hndr on the beach, and with the prevailing winds on the Cape backside beaches most days will present cross-winds like that. Guys like Paul will have many pleasant, effortless days on the backside beaches despite the wind.