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: 5/17 Today absolutely ROCKED!!!! (Buzzards Bay Report)

05-17-2004, 05:20 PM
Today ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!!! There is no other way to say it. Every time we made a move things got better and better. I picked up Ray Avitable and Professional Photographer Scott Summerall at Bourne marina at 0630. We headed out towards Buzzards Bay.

We had barely broken the no wake zone and we found birds going crazy over bass and herring. We immediately took the skunk off the boat with bass in the mid 20” range. We watched as herring ran for their lives on the surface right next to the boat. It was an amazing sight! After around 45 minutes of working these fish with great success we decided to move to a different location and see if we could get bigger fish.

We moved to the end of the canal and found a thousand birds over bass and 2” sand eels. We worked them for a half hour but found the fish to be on the smaller side. I knew the fish had been active on the other side of the bay and decided to make a judgment call. We left active feeding fish to find bigger fish.

After a half hour ride around the bay we found a fair sized pod of birds. I was getting nervous that I had made a bad call, but these birds were on fish. We worked the birds for a bit and landed a few bass near 30”. The fishing was a bit slow, but the size was up from the other areas. While Scott was taking photos, I began to play with the new radar. I saw what appeared to be a HUGE cloud of birds about 3 miles away. Being new to the radar, I was hesitant to run to the contact, but I took a shot and WOW did it pay off. It started the best part of the day.
By now it was around 930-1000 and we were on huge flocks of birds over mixed schools of bass and blues. These fish were bigger and more aggressive than any of the other schools. We pounded the fish for several hours. We used the radar when things slowed to find the biggest flocks of birds and run directly to them. The average fish for the rest of the day were over 30”. After several big fish coming off near the boat, Ray set the bar with a gorgeous bass that weighed 17.1# and was near 40” long on a POPPER! Scott and I continued with fish in the 12-14# range. I nailed a big blue that was around 12#. He puked up 3 squid at boat side; each one was 18” long.

Scott swapped between fly rod and camera, and was doing a number with both, while Ray and I bent the 7’ St Croix spinning rods non-stop. I was able to close the gap on with a 16.5# bass that inhaled my Yo-Zuri minnow. The action was non-stop and it was still going when Scott told us he had to head back to Texas today and unfortunately we had to head in. It was around 1530 and we had all had just an AWESOME day OTW. We had all landed a ton of fish and most were over 30”. So with that we stowed the gear and headed for home.

Final tally was just a ton of fish. We all lost count due to numerous doubles and triples. Ray got big fish of the day at 17.1# on topwater (It was an AWESOME take that we all got to see!) The water temps were 58-60 degrees. The depth was around 50 feet most of the time. The lures of choice were Calcutta 4” shad early and 5” Yo Zuri minnows in Chrome and Black the rest of the day. Scott scored well on a 5” epoxy sand eel on my 10wt. The wind was not a factor until late in the day and then it was SE @ 10-15 mph. It was a fantastic day with two great guys. The photos I got on my digital are awesome and they pale in comparison to the shots Scott got with his gear. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

05-17-2004, 06:52 PM
...to have a good day!:whoa: :D

Too bad they weren't there to see a certain launch and recovery!
Any idea when the article will find the shelves? :confused:

05-17-2004, 06:56 PM
Unknown on when the photos will find their way into the mags. TIDE is the main mag that Scott shoots for, but he also does pictures for products and other publications. Our recovery today was not as smooth as I'd have liked :rolleyes:

05-18-2004, 04:58 AM
Great report Terry, keep them coming!

05-18-2004, 07:06 AM
The big PointyTeeth have arrived and flys WILL be trashed...
Singin' the blues and slightly confused...
What sorta' bite wire and how long a trace do you use?!

The fine line between ..
What's just right?! :confused:

05-18-2004, 07:58 AM
Nice bass and thats real big blue.
Thaks for the report.

05-18-2004, 08:24 AM
The latest issue of TIDE has a nice article about the comeback of the bluefish- more of them, and bigger than ever! With stripers, I'm catch and release, but I do love a good broiled bluefish fillet....
Last I heard, they'd gotten up to Cotuit. Maybe they'll have worked there way up to the Harwich/Chatham area by this weekend....