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: 5/12 South Side and Buzzards Bay Report

05-12-2004, 05:23 PM
Today I was fishing with Jim Miller from NY. Jim made the trip down last night just to sample some of the spring fishing we’ve been having. He was not disappointed. We started off with a good breakfast and then launched at Green Pond.

We ran up into one of the south side bays and worked the outgoing tide from around 0800 till noon. We saw a ton of fish, and we managed to catch a few too. We had fish from 12” to 31” on rubber and flies. The water was downright hot. We saw temps of 72 degrees in the 12’ of water we were fishing. While we were up there Capt. Joe joined us. He also had a decent catch of fish from the same area.

Around noon we decided to leave the fish to find more and hopefully better fish. We swung into Woods Hole and grabbed lunch, and then it was into Buzzards Bay. The air temps were much warmed on the Bay side and the water temps were over 60 degrees. With a little searching we found that epic blitz that I forecasted the other day. Acres and acres of fish boiling under birds. They were on the same small bait (1” –2” sandeels) as the other day and darn near as fussy. It’s tough to have tens of thousands of fish all around you and your struggling to find something they’ll take consistently. We emptied the tackle box and the fly bag trying to find “THE” lure.

We had a decent pick of fish, but nothing like what we felt we should have had based on the action around us. I found a 5” Yo Zuri minnow in silver and black was a fairly consistent producer and the fish it caught seemed to run bigger than some of the other stuff we threw. None of the flies produced with any real consistency. The water was 40-50’ deep and was 60-61 degrees. Capt. Joe even landed a few Macks out of the same school.

When the tide turned and it was finally over we headed fro the dock. The final tally was 70-80 fish between me and Jim and Capt Joe rang up another 30 or so. The fish ranged from 12” to 34” and 12.8#. They were caught on nearly every fly and lure we had, but none offered any real consistency. The sun was out and we all got burnt. There was no wind at all and the seas were FAC. It is happening and will continue to happen over the next week or two. Get out there and look around the fish are moving north and if you’re out there you’ll intercept them. Overall a super day OTW with Capt Joe and Big Jim.