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05-11-2004, 03:23 PM

Today I fished with Dana from work. I had been telling him about the fishing over the past few days and since he’s generally shore bound he was eager to fish from the boat. We launched out of Bourne at 0730 and headed out to Buzzards Bay. The water temps were great (upper 50’s) it was FAC and there was bait everywhere. Big and small bait you name it, it was there. All accept the fish. We circled Buzzards Bay 3 full times over the course of 6 hours. We found one small pod of skittish schoolies and managed to get a half dozen between us. Everything was perfect for the fish, but they were not around. The bait was going un-molested except for the birds trying to get them from above. The bay is ripe for an explosion of epic proportions when the next wave of fish moves in. With that much bait and water temps up to 59 degrees it shouldn’t be long. Final tally 6 fish up to 24” on rubber. Not banner day fishing, but the boat ran well. The poor fishing offered plenty of time to play with the new electronics.


What a difference a day makes. We finished up dabbling with Pete Gray’s new 20’ Hydra Sports Bay boat and decided to see how it fished. We launched on the south side and headed to some promising warm water bays. It wasn’t long before the first two fish were on Pete’s new ride. We doubled up right away. The morning continued with a steady pick of nice sized fish. We saw some huge bass (40+”) cruising by as we tangled with fish up to 36” on both fly and light spinning gear.

I finally had my shot at a big girl when I spotted one cruising just under the surface. A perfect cast of 6’6” St Croix put my specially rigged rubber morsel right off the fishes nose. With a huge boil and was big splash of her tail she took the lure and proceeded to rip line from my reel at a frantic pace. I yelled to Pete to pull the anchor and help me avoid some of the obstacles we had around us. As Pete franticly retrieved the anchor the fish never slowed or even paused her run. At around 70 yards I felt the sickening feeling of the line going slack. The fish had managed to weave her way through too many obstacles and finally she found her freedom.

While the lost fish was a bummer, the fishing in general was awesome. We had fish from 18”-36” on fly and light spinning all morning. The visuals were super with pods of fish cruising under the boat and just under the surface.

The water was 64.5 degrees; the tide was dropping and the water ranged from 9-12’ deep in most places. The fly of choice was a herring fly I found last year around this same time. The pattern continues to out fish all of my other flies combined. Lure of choice, was 5” rubber in olive/silver fished on light line with flouro. The sun was out and it was a great day of fishing with great company.

Good Luck,

Capt. Terry Nugent

05-11-2004, 03:31 PM
Cool...great report! Glad to hear the bigs are making their way up! I'll be looking for them this weekend!

05-11-2004, 08:05 PM
Tenacious...Looks like the big boys are heading in. Could be time for you to toss that bog old secret fly you were using last weekend. Maybe you will be shown some RESPECT then.:chuckle:

05-12-2004, 06:36 AM
Great report . What is the name of penguin's boat?
Flightless Bird ,Penguin or Pish Pinder?:D
FishHawk:hehe: :hehe: :D

05-12-2004, 07:06 AM
as in...a noisy quarrel or BRAWL!:D

striper thumb revisited!
Capt Terry can sniff out Stripes like an Alabama bloodhound can sniff out escapees!:hehe: