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05-03-2004, 12:42 PM
Let's all show Sean Ransom, our webmaster from Seattle what the striper angler is made of!

Here is the sign-up sheet, please provide your information so we can get the hotel and meal accomodations completed in time.


Plan to bring a fly for Sean - it's the least we can do for the late nights without pay that he's been putting in to get the site where it is today.

Lodging is $59 per room, two beds so about $30 per night each. I have planned for Thursday and Friday lodging, Saturday is optional for those wanting to stay and fish on the 16th.

Big group dinner on Friday night - based on attendance we will plan a very good barbeque menu starting with grilled littlenecks and other local favorites - chicken and steak tip kabobs, or a cermonial striper fillet is not out of the question as it will be fully utilized by the group even though we typically promote C&R.

Post any additional questions or ideas here.

05-03-2004, 01:33 PM
We need to get Sean inducted into CAC.... Saturday night?

05-03-2004, 02:00 PM
Mid-morning high on the outside, love the dropping tide.

See you guys Saturday AM!


05-03-2004, 02:27 PM
Hi Guys,
I signed up for the Spring Clave and included my partner Walt Crews in with me. We will both do the dinner on Friday. What time does it start?
Also, since I put both Walt and I on the same sign up form, I think it only counted us as one person. Walt does not have email, that is why I put him with me. Please make sure we plan for the two of us.
See everyone a week from Friday.

05-03-2004, 03:23 PM
I priced out traditional clambakes and they cost about $50 per person, so we can do MUCH better on our own.

I will meister the dinner. We'll do a New England style barbeque.


Littlenecks on the grill with diced garlic and dill butter
Nova smoked atlantic salmon with capers and sliced red onion
(Other appetizers that people bring along, chips / salsa etc)

Main course:

Herbed chicken kabobs; onion, sweet peppers
Steak tip kabobs; onion, mushrooms
Grilled striped bass fillet w/ Chef Prudomme's Seafood Magic (if someone scores)
Rice Pilaf
Potato Salad


We're all going to Sundae School. :D

This should be an easy meal for us at $15 per head I would guess. We need an accurate head count to get the price correct.

We'll have grills available at the hotel, but might be able to have the cookout at another local area e.g. one of our cottages, etc. Most likely we'll do it right at the Stone Horse though. I am planning on bringing a little portable grill and stove to cook sides, etc. If it's not too much trouble to bring a camp stove it would really help.

Location may change based on better options arising, like somewhere with a nice big deck and awesome fishing paraphenalia :devil:

Stay tuned.

05-03-2004, 04:10 PM
Sounds terrific.

I signed up for Friday eats but the sign-up roster refers to Saturday night dinner - should it say Friday night?:confused:

05-03-2004, 04:31 PM
I am in with my friend Dick Ivers. Will attend the dinner on Friday and stay over Friday night. We should have a blast. Will be good to meet the gang again. FishHawk

05-03-2004, 05:03 PM
Great to hear you're all able to attend!

Please sign up twice if you have someone coming with, we need to keep the headcount straight.


05-03-2004, 05:14 PM
Adrian -

Should say Friday now. Also Porkslice you mentioned 6-7 as dates... can you tell me where you saw that?

JimW -

Let me know if you got my email, thanks.

05-03-2004, 07:38 PM
Juro... might that place be CAC?... It is OK with me....I would love to host...just a couple things... I will be in Boston until probably 5 on that Friday.... than I need to get back to Winchester and head right out to the Cape ...probably around 7 at the earliest... puts me a t CAC about 8:30 PM.... so I am voting for a Saturday Night dinner at CAC... What do you think...I have several grills, etc. I would think we would have the whole group on that Saturday and not all on Friday... let me know what you think?..............................OK, this is an edit, I see Sean will not be around Sat. Night.... if we can have a later dinner..you know around 9...I can do it at CAC Friday night.

05-04-2004, 05:18 AM
Just a suggestion. Why not have the dinner at the Motel as planned and then move over the the CAC for some special Porgy oil afterwards . That way John can make the dinner without rushing to setup ect. and then move to his place for the Oil.
Just a thought. FishHawk:D

05-04-2004, 07:27 AM
Good luck guys, I'll be in Bermuda chasing whatever I can find from shore!!

Menu sounds excellent!


05-04-2004, 08:53 AM
Fish Hawk makes a good point... that way we have a meeting place after dinner If ,for some reason, I miss the bulk of the meal.

05-04-2004, 09:24 AM
Nick -

Those bones at Somerset were BIG. I hope you hook up, they would be screamers. Aside from the sandy beaches, lagoons are targeted by the guide (singular) and worth looking into where you can. Some broad flats in the lagoon near the airport I never got to investigate. Appear to be some small cays on the southeast corner too, but that would be a long shot from where you are staying.

Cuda and jacks were plentiful, particularly at the aquarium area although some of the grounds were private where you have the best access. A little kayak would be incredible to have. I've got an inflatable you could borrow...

Good luck

05-04-2004, 09:24 AM
John -

It was just a suggestion, the motels great - see you there when you can and drive safe.

05-04-2004, 10:48 PM
I'm in for dinner Friday and any get-together at CAC. I'm on-call that weekend, so unfortunately will have to pass on the fishing until the following weekend...:(

05-05-2004, 07:02 PM
Drew and I will be rolling in early Friday morning. I have a 2 burner Coleman with a stand I can bring. Will you need any pots, pans, utinsels and such? I have all kinds I can bring. If you think of anything else give me a shout.

05-05-2004, 08:23 PM
Chris....welcome back... :)

05-05-2004, 10:15 PM
Ah soon Sean will be crowned :devil:


To anyone planning on coming who has not signed up - please take a second to sign in. Those of us who are doing the planning need this information to organize things properly.


05-05-2004, 11:11 PM
What time should we show up at Stone Horse on Friday night for the dinner? (don't say "dinner time", although I know that is what you are thinking!")

05-07-2004, 09:34 AM
Originally posted by striblue
Chris....welcome back... :)

Damn, that's not a forehead... that's a 10 head!!

I look forward to Sean's picture. What are the plans for his induction. Friday after dinner?

Let me know how I can help. What to bring. Maine mussels... cooking stuff??

05-07-2004, 09:38 AM
Chris... we will do it Friday Night after the cookout probably. Many pictures. We will also force others who have not worn Pete's Fez. Which incidently is an origianl fez from the streets of Cairo.

05-07-2004, 09:40 AM
That's pretty cool that the CAC crown is so authentic like. Pete seems to have the bass on the run already, eh? I tell ya' I've been pumped for this weekend for a while now.

05-08-2004, 09:26 AM
" ....Which incidently is an origianl fez from the streets of Cairo".

Hmmm, that's interesting. Coincidentally there was this shriner chappie at the Wilmington show walking around "Fez-less" and not looking too happy I might add.

I did wonder at the time...... :devil: :hehe: :hehe:

p.s. I am also overdue for "induction"

05-08-2004, 10:58 AM
I will be arriving early Friday evening with my son Tim. We'll need directions to the hotel as I may have missed them posted elsewhere. We are registered for Friday night hotel and dinner and fishing on Saturday but must leave Saturday night for work on Sunday. What time is dinner at the hotel? I have yet to visit CAC and look forward to having Tim share some of his experiences in Montana for those of you that have not been.

Phil Sheffield

05-11-2004, 09:36 AM
I can't wait to get out fishin with you guys, should be great.
Looking forward to meeting some new faces and some old.
Will try to make it in time for Dinner friday night, could bring some shrimp and wine for the barby. Coming from Hartford, CT so I may be alittle late. Looking forward to it, See you guys this weekend. ;)


05-11-2004, 02:43 PM
first of all just wanting to express how excited I am to
be fishing with you all. secondly I would like to inquire
about any one needing a roommate for the trip
my number is 617-835-5096 any one interested
please give me a call.

05-12-2004, 04:05 PM
Hey Porkslice,

I will split a room with you on Friday nite. Saturday I have to head home to pick up my two boys for Sunday's fishin. I can give you a call if need be or just shoot me a PM (personal Mail)


05-12-2004, 07:21 PM

I spoke to Porkslice today, he already had somebody for Friday. I'm still looking if you need somebody to split a room with.


05-12-2004, 07:37 PM
Hi Dave17,

Sounds like I'll be your room mate then, do you have a room reserved there already?


05-12-2004, 09:59 PM
I'll take care of it tomorrow morning. See you Friday.

05-13-2004, 08:08 AM
Juro, et al,
I added one more to the Friday Dinner. My friend, Rich Fugmann from FL will be joining us for the Friday Night Dinner.
See you tomorrow.
FYI, I will be offline until I see you guys, if you need to contact me, call the cell.

05-13-2004, 06:21 PM
Just found out I will be able to make it. I will be coming with a friend, Dick Wenho. I tried to call the Stone Horse Motel, but no one was at the desk. I told them I was with the forum and left my number. I will be bringing the boat and plan on fishing the south side Friday afternoon. I will have room for one guest on the boat on Saturday if anyone wants to join Dick and Myself.

See you down there............Craig

05-13-2004, 07:19 PM
I'll try this thread, as I had posted on the other one. I'll be staying Friday and Saturday nights - and looking for a roomie. I'll be heading down Friday morning after work traffic dies down. I start calling a few of you on your cellphones when I get close to Chatham to see were to meet up.


05-13-2004, 08:07 PM
Dave -

It looks like I will not have a place to crash at the cottage, so let's split the room. Go ahead and grab a room when you get there and I will square up with you when we check out.


05-13-2004, 08:10 PM
Juro - message recieved. See you when you get there.

It sounds like you're back to work - congrats on the new job!


05-13-2004, 08:33 PM
Thanks... I think ;)

05-13-2004, 08:58 PM
I'm coming down to the Chatham area(Monomoy) to fish Friday and will be at the Friday dinner and other festivities that night. I have a secondary hobby of brewing and will be bringing some high gravity choices (a Trappist Tripel and a Wee Heavy) to add to dinner menu. It should be a good day of fishing on Monomoy and dinner that night. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend has been previously assigned. I look forward to meeting the group.


05-13-2004, 10:37 PM

I wanted to bring something down to contribute to the dinner. Can you give me an idea of how many will be attending?

05-14-2004, 03:16 AM
This Link (http://www.flyfishingforum.com/expertise/rodrack/springclavelist.php)

05-14-2004, 07:32 AM
where will you guys be Sat night? it may be my only chance to join you for a few hours. heavy family obligations this weekend.