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: Housy 5/1

05-01-2004, 09:26 PM
Did the lower Housy today from Devon down to Milford point and had fish at every spot I tried. Loads of twinkies in the 12 to 18 inch range. Best fish today was 24"' and had another just a bit smaller.

I've come to the conclusion if you want to sort out the bigger fish from the pack you need to go to a bigger fly. Thats the easy part. The hard part is staying patient whilst all around you guys are pulling in one 12 incher after another on their Chart/white clousers.

But when the drag screems and everyone stops fishing to watch you pull in a real fish it is kinda cool :smokin:

05-02-2004, 01:33 PM
The old saying "Big Bait=Big Fish" is definitely right on the money. I have upscaled all of my offerings the last 2 seasons with many big fish to show for it. Try the big fly next time but present it with a super fast strip 5-8 long full strips and then an abrupt stop. This is not a new technique but it is a killer on the river in the spring, have been using this presentation for many years in the river with great results. When no other retrieve or presentation works the fast/stop gets em' everytime. I marked a butt load of fish upriver this morning in huge schools but they were not in a feeding mood. The tide was incoming and not the right time either but I had to get out in the boat and just fish, working 6 days a week with only Sunday off means I have to just deal with whatever the tide is and find fish no matter. Another week or two should see the real good top water fishing heat up in my spot upriver where you and I fished a couple years back. I would like to have another chance to redeem myself and take you out again in the boat see if we can't catch fish this time around. I now have a chartplotter so fog will not be an issue ever again.:hehe:

Mike M.

05-02-2004, 08:07 PM
Great Mike!

Looking forward to getting up there again.

I went out for a repeat paddle today but the wind had put some respectable rollers on the river below the Route 1 bridge. Had I been with someone else I wouldn't have worried but didn't fancy a roller-coaster ride in the fog alone.

As it turned out I didn't need to go very far. The schoolies were pretty solid both sides of I95 and they had the feedbag on. All twinks though the biggest went about 16".