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11-12-2001, 06:04 PM
or click here (

11-12-2001, 06:23 PM
I did notice UltraBoards site down.

Which new Bulletin Board software did you decide on? Which others did you look at and like/not like?

11-12-2001, 10:18 PM
I like the change in codes as I get so screwed up going from UBB boards to this one-such as to post a picture in a UBB board it is http:... and abc and at this version it is [img=....

11-13-2001, 05:57 AM
The application I chose was vBulletin, check it out at and the support community at

I looked at UBB which has been purchased by infopop who has bought several other forum technologies - all of which are different. It's hard to figure out which way they are going to go in a pinch but it's been my experience that when a company tries to maintain too many divergent technologies without a lot of differentiation between them someone gets burned in the customer base. Most likely that would not be the UBB base, as it's pretty large. It all boils down to percentage of revenue and cost of sustaining the business usually.

But that was not the key factor - vBulletin had an import utility for UltraBoard, UBB didn't. No brainer! That means we don't lose anything. I have had nearly 100% success with the help of the vBulletin user community, the vBulletin staff and the stellar work of Sean Ransom, a Forum brother from Seattle.

It's never easy to make a technology change, especially for those who are tasked with making the change - a few of us have a large number of hours invested in this already, believe me. But frankly I am amazed at how seamless the transition will be for users and it's really my honor to be part of this community - I don't want to see it end and I mean that with utmost sincerity.

Other great things about VBulletin - purely MySql based, and it seemed much faster although we'll need to test it under load. It's written in php4 which is easy to extend into new ideas we have for the site - in other words the board and the site will be integrated better if we have the time and energy to pull it off this winter. The forum is baed on templates, style sheets, and is fully customizable.

It's definitely a step up.

I thought long and hard about this and although this board has grown on me, it has had a few hickups and now that the vendor vanished it would be irresponsible for me to squander this opportunity to upgrade.


Other than sweat equity the forum is licensed per instance at $85 per annum. I will eventually need three licenses per year, which gets a little cheaper by volume. You can also buy a lifetime license at $160 per instance. Our fund raising efforts for 2002 should cover these set up costs without much trouble.


It appears much faster but then no one's hitting it yet. Because of the variation in speed of this (current) board, I suspect it has more to do with server load than anything else. There are dozens of other sites being hosted on this virtual hosting arrangement. Real speed will come from more dedicated server hosting, which I have not found at less than $199 per month which is way over our budget at this time. So if you know any fly shops, guides or lodges that would be interested in some affordable advertising with us, drop them a hint and we could get the site to really scream!

Corporate Situation:

Well, anything is better than nothing and UB is dead. Their website is and the user community is at They have already been extremely helpful and all I have done thus far is work through a number of issues to import and customize the styles to look almost the same as this one (for now). I suspect this strong community and support structure will be extremely valuable as we take some new ideas to the test this winter. I like the not-to-small, not-too-big dynamic of this vendor much better than the big company model. I think it's a keeper.

I should have it available very soon! I hope you are not disappointed at how similar it looks and feels to this board, at least in the first release. Because it is so customizable it will be enhanced over time. Initially it looks so similar (after modifying the templates and styles to match) that it's scary.

more to come...