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: Farmington won't be long now.

04-20-2004, 10:29 AM
Fished the Farmington on the 19th. River at 400cfs. Friend got two Bows on flashback nymph. Nada for me as I gave him the better pool. Saw the first signs of the famed Henderkison hatch. Wind kept the hatch down. About a week away for the hatch and the crowds. FishHawk:D

04-30-2004, 11:17 PM
Fished farmington on thursday 4/20--Arrived @ 12:00 to a gorgeus sunny day low 70's winds out of ssw gusting to 20.

Fished below satan's kingdom and above collinsville (vague enough??)

I went looking for Hedricksons and was not disapointed. After swinging a streamer to "kill some time" the bugs started about 1:00---I can honestly say that I felt like I fished a "hatch" for the first time in a long time--@ First site of some bugs I started dead drifting unweighted nymph and scored a upon noticing some bulges and seeing a few "splash rises" I scored a few more swinging said nymph over holding areas-After observing a few steady noses I started fishing "dry" with floating nymphs and scored some more--Fish were not eating duns-( I assume that this is because of the warm air temps and the ability of the bugs to take off almost immediately upon emergence) The area I was fishing is not a "heavily stocked area". All fish were super fat with large fins and no hook scars and fed in that "natural" sort of manner that indicated their presence in the river for more than 1 season--Largest fish were 16 inches (2 bows and 2 browns around that size) -Other 4 were between 12 and 14. Hatch lasted until 3:30 or so and went caput after--Easuy come easy go--No bugs no fish showing-

On the side note:---On the way home I went to the upper TMA for shits and giggles---Drove down to the boneyard @ 4:30-over 15 cars in lot--Took a walk downstream--No-one fishing--Everyone just standing/sitting around waiting for???? Incidentally I did not see another person downstream, had a great hatch, caught nice holdovers and re-inforced my belief to stay away from crowds at all costs


05-01-2004, 09:26 PM
Friday was good too....