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: 4/18 Mas bonito!

04-18-2004, 09:10 AM
It was really good today. A little breezier so not as many boats and the fish kept biting. I landed four in an hour and a half. Missed a couple strikes right at the boat. Couple times I missed strikes and another fish had it a second later. Had a couple more drop off after the initial hook up, they seemed to want to run right at the boat and it was tough getting tight to them sometimes. Lots of action. Lots of fun. If I had another guy in the boat with me, we could have put 10 in the boat I am sure of it. The wind would blow me out of the fish zone every time I would hook up and if I saw some fish busting (which I did about 10 times) it was tough to stop what i was doing and try to buzz over there, would have been easy with two guys in the boat. Anyways, here is todays pic:http://www.flyfish-nc.com/bonito041804.jpg