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: "HOMEWATERS" - fishing around the neighborhood, country, world...

10-19-2001, 07:08 AM
We have anglers signed up from around the world, literally. I really enjoy finding out that someone from Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska or from all corners of the beautiful US-of-A have signed up for a FlyTalk login. As much as we appreciate people showing support by signing in, we need to have more reasons for everyone to post about themselves and their home waters.

I'd like to propose a new thread 'theme' I guess you'd call it to get people to share the essence of their home waters with us. A thread where people describe a memorable day of fishing in their home waters or abroad. This is not a fishing report where you have to hide the name of the spot, don't bother mentioning it unless you want.

The idea is to give people a glimpse of the angling experience in your home waters. What might seem ordinary to you is extraordinary to someone else. By doing this we will all expand our knowledge and appreciation of angling around the world.

Thoughts? I know I would love this.

10-19-2001, 09:33 AM
We had a sign up from Uruguay this morning. Welcome Lorenzo!

As I look thru the new additions to our membership over the past 6 months (since 4/15/01) I find...

Recent countries: Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Portugal and Uruguay

States: NH, ME, MA, NY, NJ, SC, NC, PA, FL, VT, WA, OR, CA, WI, CO, VA, DC, MD, CT, RI, KY, LA, MT, TX, OH, TN, WV, GA, AZ, MI

... and the vast majority have not provided general location info with their profiles! (BTW please update your profiles with a general location info if you haven't yet)

Being one who loves to hear fish stories, I hope this catches on ;-)

10-19-2001, 10:13 AM
Thank you very much for your welcome, during this winter I've been around the hunting forums but as the summer arrives the fly fishing worm attacks again!!, so here I'm.
I've been flyfishing in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and of course in my country.
I think I have good information to share about flyfishing in Argentina, have any of you fish down here?
Sorry if my english is not so good but I will try my best..

10-20-2001, 04:35 PM
I fish to get away from the daily grind of life, as we all do, and more often than not, I fish alone when I fish my homewaters. It's there that I often think about the saying 'It's not the destination, but the journey'. It's not the catching, but the fishing. It's not even the fishing, sometimes, it's just being out there.

If May is a time for hope and optimism and enthusiasm about the season ahead, surely October is the time for introspection and reflection about the season just past, and there's no better place to think these thoughts than one's homewaters. And by the season just ahead or past, I think we all know that this means more than just fishing.

My homewaters mean a lot to me. It's where I end up when I daydream. It's where I spent my summers as a kid, where I learned to swim and sail, where I learned to dig steamers and rake quahogs (indeed I still do, sometimes in exactly the same spots where I fish). It's where I had my first kiss (on the beach, not in the water!), where, in the very distant future and when it's my time, I would be happy to take my last breath (just after releasing 'the one that didn't get away').

To stand waist-deep in my homewaters with the rest of the world at my back, and only the Bay or the vast ocean in front of me, on a chilly September morning or evening, is as close to heaven as I will get on Earth. I'm not a religious guy, but it's easy to see and talk to God in this place.

The beauty and quaintness of Cape Cod and the Islands is undeniable, as is the phenomenal world-class fishing. And if I spent my childhood summers there, as many do and have, I would be proud to call this my homewaters. By the same token, the North Shore of Massachusetts has its own rustic beauty, be it more rocky and cold-watered, and justifiably it has its own devotees.

Between these two places is Duxbury. It's a special place to me, and if you're not familiar with it, you need only look at a map or chart to see the Bays (Kingston and Duxbury) and the many coves, nooks, rivers, estuaries, peninsulas, marshes, and beaches that make this place very productive to fish. And it's as beautiful as anywhere on the East coast. Duxbury will always be my homewaters.

Juro, in one of your posts about the most recent boneclave, you said something very profound. Something to the effect of "When I leave the island, I don't know if I'm re-entering reality or leaving it." Beautiful. In regards to our respective homewaters, I think we can all relate.