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: Sharp Steelie fly

Sharp Steelie
04-11-2004, 04:11 PM
Very simple fly pattern:

Hook: TMC/Targus 2457 size 6 and 8
Tail: 4 strand ultra floss
Body: 4 strand ultra floss
Collar: Natural Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Also effective in olive green and red - going to try
a couple new colors this summer:

04-11-2004, 05:16 PM
I'll attest to this one, it worked on the Wynoocheeeeeeeeee in February.


04-11-2004, 10:05 PM
but is the body/tail a light pink?

Sharp Steelie
04-12-2004, 10:53 AM
This one is lt pink - found out salmon pink also works.

05-11-2004, 02:44 AM
gotta tie some of these in 6's and 8's

05-14-2004, 08:59 PM
I'm a little new to fly tying. In you materials list you don't have thread listed. Do you use thread in this fly or do you use the floss to tie off the hackle?

Sharp Steelie
05-15-2004, 08:19 PM
Backer51 - I use the floss to secure the collar and as
the head. Whip finish with 5 or 6 turns and touch off
with a dab of head cement. They are actually very