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: GOin on a trip

04-09-2004, 01:39 PM
Across the pond again to the land of green. Wild populations of browns abound in Connemara. So psyshed! Will give a report. Where's Mylo?


04-09-2004, 01:58 PM
When are you going?

Right now is duckfly (BIG black midge). Late May/Early June is Mayfly. I've seen a couple of encouraging reports on the recovery of the sea-trout (searun brown) populations and that's where Connemara is king. Check out the Galway weir and Corrib, and Mask and Carra and Arrow and .......

Memories of leaden skies with clouds so low you could reach up and touch them, backs to the wind, on the drift, not noticing the horizontal rain and then the sudden explosion of color as a 20" brown nails your "bob" fly breaking through the surface film.

Yes, it is truly an enchanted place.

Jelous? You bet I am! :smokin:

04-11-2004, 10:47 AM
Hope you have a great trip over the pond!
Just watch out for the green beer and the litlle green critters that hang over the river banks trying to untie your flie!

04-11-2004, 09:52 PM
Tight lines dood!

04-14-2004, 03:08 PM
Ya baby!!!

The western loughs are renowned for their high quality wet-fly fishing, which is effective for most of the season. It is a deceptively simple style in its purest form, requiring a team of two or three flies fished on a short line, so that just the flies and a few feet of fly line land on the water.

The angler gathers line and lifts the rod at the same time, causing first the top fly then each of the others to trip through the surface before the rod reaches its recasting position, and the progress is repeated. A practiced hand can do great execution.

With this method, which has been refined on these loughs for centuries, there are many other forms of wet-fly fishing, and also of nymph fishing which may be employed according to the circumstances. The dry fly is also very effective at appropriate times through the season.

Dapping is one of the oldest methods of fishing on the loughs and still one of the most effective, especially for bigger fish. Dapping a natural may fly is a classic method on Lough Corrib, but is also used on the other loughs. Dapping the daddy-longlegs or grasshopper can be very successful from July onwards.

On Lough Corrib and Mask, ferox trout weighing over 10lbs are caught by trolling he deeps or along the shelves between shallow and deep water. The warm calm days of June or July can be best for the angler wishing to practice this method of fishing.

Whatever the method, local knowledge is the first requisite for success in lough fishing. It is advisable for both beginner and experienced lough anglers to hire the services of a boatman for at least the first few days on one of the big loughs.

ough Corrib lies northwest of Galway City. It is 44,000 acres in area and 33 miles long. This vast lough is dotted with more than 200 islands.

Corrib is one of the best loughs in Ireland for early season wet fly fishing. Hatches of duck fly,olives, mayfly and sedge are plentiful in their turn through out the season and the lough has been famous for its mayfly angling, especially for dapping the natural fly.

Close to its shores are the historic angling centers of Cong, Cornamona, Headford and Oughterard. The lattter has been a focus for the may fly season for many decades. Lingsmill-moore, who described Crrib trout angling in his "A Man May Fish", fished from Oughterard.