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: Rio accelerator 8/9

04-05-2004, 12:42 PM
Hello all,
I have an accelerator 8/9 that I no longer have use for. It has been used about a dozen times. It went on a backup rod and didn't see much playing time. It is the older style and I marked the belly to running line taper with a black marker to be able to find it quicker. Comes with the type 3,6,8, density comp., and the inter. tips. Line itself is in really good condition I just no longer have a use for it.(plus I want to get the T&T1510-3). The tips have seen a bit more use and the type 6 is a bit shorter than 15'(snake roll that really took off and landed in the trees!!) but other than that it is a good line. If interested email me at thanks for looking.