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03-31-2004, 10:32 AM
I have been pounding my area almost on a day / nightly basis now with some success. Unfortunately I only managed 4 dropped fish in total on artificials ( light spin gear ). I have however managed to catch and release a boat load using " other " methods. This past Sunday yielded pleanty of fish over 8lbs using " other methods".

Now the good the news. The water has warmed up enough for the fish to school in good numbers in a few select locations with a few of us hardcore "cats " landing upwards of 30 fish during the productive portions of the tides using artificials and flies. None of these fish are huge just twinkies with the occasional 5-8lber thrown in to keep it interesting. By the weekend we should see the average size increase to 5-20lbs.

So unless I feel like Trophy Hunting I will put my "other " gear in storage for the year..

03-31-2004, 11:21 AM
Hi Mike,

Sounds like you found a few, the past weekend may prove better than next with all the rain in the forecast. I noticed the Connecticut river is starting to flood alittle bit. If the rain is heavy this week the water will be high and dirty with lot's of debris.

Hope to hook up with you before those fish move on, lets hope it doesn't rain too much this week. Weekend after next might be better, we will have to see how the weather turns out.

Tight lines,

03-31-2004, 11:40 AM

Around these parts we welcome HIGH HIGH water. What Occurs is the Tribs flood.. forcing lots of Oxygnated water as well as a steady supply of yummy herring and shad right to the awaiting Stripers. This helps keep the fish in one spot for a while otherwise they move on and find more fertile grounds. Also it keeps the water from being to clear. Too clear is the kiss of death. The fish like to hang on the " Dirty Water Line" where the clear water of the tribs meet the off color of the Hudson. When we have lots of water the line gets easier to spot. The herring LOVE clean water and are drawn to it. The herring sit in the Clear stuff and the stripes lurk in the dirty water waiting for them to make a move. The further out the Dirty Water Line is the more herring pack into the clean stuff once again making life so much easier.

So bring the rains... bring the floods as this will please the Striper Gods.