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: Remembering Fall - how about some fish stories

03-30-2004, 08:51 PM
Mega-Blitz 10/1/03

It was September 30th 2003, the fishing had been red hot in Plymouth for some time now and I wanted to share the action with someone from the board. I had been fortunate to fish a couple of mornings a week before work and with the end of the season in sight, fantastic action the prior weekend I put out a invite. A short while later Greg took me up on the AM trip offer.

We met at the East bay grill near the Plymouth state ramp at 5:45am and planned to fish until 9am. While loading the gear in the boat he discovered his spin reel was seized, busted the handle right off as a matter of fact. Well now he was committed to fly fishing for the morning, later we would both discover that was a blessing in disguise. We launched the boat and proceeded to putter out of Plymouth harbor. It was quiet and cold with the first light of day starting to break the darkness. Anticipations ran high as we opened up the throttle and rounded the bend in the channel setting a course for our first shot at some bass. Passing bug light we got a call from Capt. Charlie of Cats Craddle Charters; a radio check and exchange of destinations, we agreed to keep in touch. Charlie, an Orvis endorsed guide runs charters out of Plymouth and has been fishing the waters for over 40 years so this was good news indeed.

We made our way across the bay and set up for a drift at Saquish rip. Greg spotted some good stripers rolling in the standing waves, as we drift through he layed a large bunker pattern right into the action. We both cast a few times without a bump then on the forth cast Greg hooks up. The fish swings the bow of the boat around 180 in the current. The area of the Rip we fished was very shallow and the water really moves swiftly so it had to be a good fish or bottom. Never going to the reel a short time later the fish comes along side the boat, itís a big striper, which I lip and bring on board. A couple of pictures and the fish is bleed and goes in the fishbox for dinner, a twenty pounder that many will enjoy. You can see by the Smile on Gregís face that the morning had gotten off to a great start.

A second drift of the rip yielded nothing but the sun was coming up and the surface action was starting to turn on. Like clockwork the birds took flight in search of crashing bass and blues, soon they found their mark, alerting us to the location. A large gathering of terns marked the action near bug light and we gave chase. Idling up to the school of breaking fish we cut the engine and drifted into the melee. Soon both Greg and I were onto bass in the 22-26Ē range, not keepers but very strong.

To make a long story short we both banged into work and fished the rest of the day in nearly non stop blitz conditions. On the outgoing we fished Brown's bank for bass. We could see larger fish rolling in some schools but they were difficult to approach in the shallow water. The occasional monster following our flies to the boat which kept things exciting. Fish from 25" to sub keepers kept us busy. At slack the big blues came in, up to 10 lbs. As the tide started to rush into the bay the action was truly unbelievable. School after school just kept coming into the bay bass and blues. It is difficult to put into words the magnitude of the blitz. Greg wanted to beat the traffic blitz so I dropped him off at the dock. I hung around the dock, made some calls and talked the family into going out ~4pm. Back out to figure what would work best on the spin gear, kastaway with a bucktail worked so back to fly gear. 3:45 back to the dock, 4pm back to the blitz. When I refer to a school it's not a pod of fish the size of a house, some of these were the size of a mall parking lot and there were many of them. From the bug looking towards Duxbury or where Dux should be all we could see was birds, they actually blocked out the horizon in the distance. The whole bay was birds and boats. Hookups on the spin gear were about 1/10th that of the fly, only because the predominant bait was a 3/4" something, possibly chovies. Since I don't
usually flycast with the kids on the boat we had to settle for a few bass, couple of break offs and some blues. Back to the ramp ~6pm. What a day,12 hours of madness.
The megablitz of 10/1/03.

03-30-2004, 10:39 PM
Jim..your memories jog one for me which happenned on 8/25/ 2001. I was one of those perfect weather days when Pete Grey (Penguin) and I had south beach all to ourselves and hit the ocean side..... a day that has not been repeated for me at least since then... here is a copy of that report.. a Fish story

"This will be short... just got back to CAC... Pete is on his way.. Met Pete and Fred at the light house this morning on an early out going... Fred picked up one but Pete and I nothing. The Pete and I took the 9 AM Rip Rider to south Beach. We walked across to the ocean side since we had heard some good reports about the beach on the outgoing. The time was about middle out going and Pete picked up two right away both 25 plus inches. Well.. both he and I concluded around 2:45 missing two shuttles back.. We both said that it was the best day Striper fishing for both of us this year.. I stoped counting at 12 and we caught maybe between 40 and 50 stripers between us all between 25 and 32 inches., Nuf said.. we will both be on the the 8 AM shuttle with the tide just the same with one hour difference."

That evening we both had our thumbs stuck in Noxema lotion.

03-31-2004, 06:22 AM
Oct.. at Naptree Point RI. The surf guys who had fished all night reported that they caught nothing all night. So I said to myself here we go again. Nada. Watched the beach when I saw a lone Tern dive into the water. Decided to give it a try. On the third cast a big cow struck the small bay anchovy flie. Result a 34" keeper which for me was my biggest of the season. She was released to fight again. FishHawk:smokin:

04-03-2004, 12:52 PM
Last October I left work and went down to Beverly Farms. The season was winding down and I did not have a flyrod with me. I went out on some rocks with about 20 other people chasing the hoards of fish jumping on the peanut bunker. Moved to a different spot ten feet further down the rocks to cast to the breaking fish. So of course one of the regulars shows up as I leave and makes one cast. This, of course, results in the only decent fish caught on flies that I could see. I of course had to help him bring the 38" striper up over the rock and
take a picture. Moral- leave the Spinning tackle at home. He stole my fish!:mad: