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: Marathon FF'ing...

09-20-2001, 03:50 AM
Hello all, hope everyone is well given the circumstances of late. Sorry I've been out of touch while on vacation, haven't been near the computer much at all.

I'll be looking thru some of the posts around the board that need attention like the rip trip and will try to get things pulled together in time for the weekend. If anyone feels better able or willing please step up; I might not be able to do a great job from the field.

Hope everyone is finding time within their busy schedules to enjoy the fall fishing September is known for. I'll post more info on the conclaves tomorrow.

Good night... er morning...

09-20-2001, 08:37 AM
Good to hear from you Juro. The national mood is picking up. Rumors of huge fish on the cape too! See ya soon. Any chromers?


09-20-2001, 10:29 AM
Hooyeah! I even brought out the video camera, although I rarely put down the rod to film anything I did get some great footage and will put it up online when I return as mpegs.

In between the coho chase and the steelie hunt right now, although Brian got his hook straightened out by a steelhead in a river we hit on the way home from Sekiu, I lost a grab on a dry line in a favorite tailout run, and Ryan landed a beautiful sea run cutt. I should be resting up or tying flies or something but I am jumping out of my skin sitting here not casting anything! We'll be on the river a bit later today and hope to be meeting up with a local personality who has pioneered the coho salmon fishery with poppers in the salt. Yes, I said poppers for salmon! They have always loved flies on the surface when bucktailing but the use of surface commotion with poppers brings out the evil in feeder coho salmon in the ocean.

Anyway I got the steelhead jones. Blue skies right now, hope for rain to get these steelhead moving around! Rivers are L-O-W and the fish really aren't moving through the river. With all the fish coming this year those with time off during the next big rain are going to hit the jackpot. Still, there are fish in the river and those who know what they're doing will hit steelhead despite the super-low flows.

Well in the last minute rush once the airports opened I couldn't locate my wheatley and other mainstream steelhead flyboxes so I am desperately in need of flies right now. Gotta go tie!

Full report to follow...