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: I will fish...

09-15-2001, 07:55 PM
The evil, even downright satanic actions we've witnessed have had many impacts on us all - and no matter how I've grieved and how much I've been angered, no matter how much sleep I lost or focus I've lost, tears I've had swelling in my eyes or how much exhaustion I've felt in my mind and body from the turmoil - my pain is felt for those in NY and DC because compared to them I have suffered nothing except the shattering of dreams and compared to their pain, I have felt nothing except for the stabbing fear for our children's safety.

We've definitely got a lot of business to take care of going forward from here. Yes, I wish I could pull $10m to fund recovery like Bill Gates, but I haven't got much to give in terms of money. I wish I could dig out a survivor in the rubble like the firemen, soldiers and police officers at ground zero but I've learned that we can not do that, and for good reason. The masses would surely make the matter worse at ground zero. I wish I could push a blinking red button and vaporize something or someone who could be deemed responsible, or otherwise tear the cloak off this villan somehow. What I wouldn't do to contribute to restoring the sense of peace that was in the air on my morning commute on Tuesday before I clicked on the radio under blue skies on a morning where the only conflict to be seen was summer and fall tugging for control of the season.

That freedom feels like it's been torn from our marrow... but we can't let it. I will fly soon, from east to west, cross country - and I do this for my love of flyfishing. I've felt the generous concerns of caring freinds and family about doing this, and I've had some thoughts on my own regarding the wisdom of this choice. Maybe I should just stay home, under the circumstances. One can only imagine the sense of irreversible fate and fear from the passenger cabin of an aircraft with radical terrorists at the helm. Maybe I should surrender the intense love of America's natural wealth I've spent a lifetime developing, and the celebration of nature's victory of record-breaking salmon returns in the beautiful pacific northwest. Maybe I shouldn't grab life with both hands and fire a line into the morning's river mist to savor the promise of a giant ocean trout or a leaping silver salmon in a shearing pacific tide rip. Maybe I should let the deranged actions of hateful terrorists change my way of life. I will fight without fear of death to defend family, God and country, and our way of life. But what can I do today? How do I preserve the American way?

I will fish...

09-15-2001, 10:26 PM
Here's a thought...
When you do get back in an airplane to go on a fishing trip, do you think they, (the airlines) will allow you to take your flies with you?
"Hooks can be as deadly as box-knives."
I can see you having to buy flies at every location because, (thanks to the terrorist) you can no longer take sharp objects on a plane...
No fly-tying tools either...
Damn them! >(

09-15-2001, 11:38 PM

Have a great trip.

I look forward to your stories of giant ocean trout and leaping silver salmon when you return.