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: backhand overhead casting......

03-22-2004, 10:44 AM
in a crossing/head wind with a two handed rod (namely with an Atlantis)....

To juro and anyone else with a good stroke:

juro you have mentioned (you actually briefly demonstrated it @ danbury) on more than one occasion the ability to throm a nice tight looop from across your body. Alas this application is escaping me. I cannot seem to find a comfortable stroke this way. If you have the time could you or anyone else interested in responding descripe this stroke or possible linkl to a video that might show this.

I can do a decent single spey from that side but if I am tring to "false cast" or hold up line I cant find a comfortable stroke to keep the loops tight and lI ack any power on the forward-

Thanks for all the help


03-22-2004, 11:03 AM
As far as cross-body or reverse casting power, the video of Kush casting on is tops along with Dec Hogan's reverse snap-t video.

But these do not illustrate what you are seeking, I understand that. So we just have to make a new video ASAP.

But in the meantime, one of the things that really helps is an adjustment of the feet. Putting the right foot forward and angling the body 45 degrees with the rod side back helps open the range of vision to watch the backcast and debug the stroke.

As you already know, the trick with these two-handed overhand rods is more a matter of alignment than anything else, there is plenty of power and there are no tricky d-loops to worry about just a tight loop both ways in alignment and a tuck of the bottom hand and zoom. Standing 45 lets you see the loop form and figure out the arm positions.

I give the bottom hand a little more when reverse casting to compensate for the limited top arm motion across the chest, which helps "poke" the wedge back in a straight line.

If you watch good reverse casters like Dennis Worley of Kaufmanns and the top hand is almost backhand, or entirely backhand. I find this helpful in poking that little laser loop at times.

Keep in mind also that the worse the wind is blowing on the strong side, the easier it seems to cast cross-handed. You can keep the rod more vertical since the wind blows the line sideways and really umph it out from the beach.

The new lightweight Atlantis (All-rounder, still in field testing) provides a gentle version of this cast for use on the flats without turning the eyes from the fish. It takes a little practice but it's a handy cast to know.