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: Anyone else not feel like fishing

09-13-2001, 09:53 AM
My life has been disrupted as most folks have. Putting feelings of anger, and political views aside, I just don't want to fish.
I had a trip to Ireland with 3 of my siblings and a few spouses just go up in smoke. My work is like a fortress (as it should be)and almost impossible to get too. Right now, the merry pursuit of fish around the salt with flies seems trivial.
Please spare me the lecture about letting the terrorist upset our lives. They already have and we must deal with it. I just wanted to voice my feelings here.


09-13-2001, 10:21 AM
I feel like time on the water would help me clear my head of all that tumble through it; hte solitude would give me the chance to regroup and refocus, to steel myself for the things to come and bring myself grips with all that has happend thus far.

Some pray on their knees, some while in traffic and other only in a certain building. I tend to pray mostly when I am outdoors enjoying what the Creator has provided.

Sometimes fishing is not about the fish & we all must heal ourself in ways we see fit.

09-13-2001, 10:50 AM
Good words Sprocket.



09-13-2001, 10:59 AM
Sorry to hear about the trip. Right now I am in the same boat so to speak, doesn't look like my lust for steelhead and salter salmon will be sated this weekend.

Although I share a lot of the same feelings as you, I also feel like Sprocket - the most sacred places I've ever been to are not those built by man but God's own cathedrals in the forests, canyons, mountains and waters of the unaltered earth. I never feel more "reverend" and pure of soul than in these places.

The only thing that dulls the joy is that I might feel like I am indulging while Jimmy digs for bodies. I've seriously been considering taking my vacation as a volunteer in the ruins of NYC. I wonder if they have lodging accomodations for volunteers?

October Caddis
09-13-2001, 11:16 AM
It was good to get out on the river this morning?
It will take a very long time to come to terms with all that's happened but still the river moved as always and the fish held where they did on Monday. I needed to know these things not to forget what has happened but just to know that the world will continue onward.

09-13-2001, 11:17 AM
Sprocket expressed well what I was thinking when I read Terry's post. Who said something to the effect "fishing is a contemplative endeavor". Fishing briefly provides renewal and clarity to my chaotic thought processes.

Fred A.

09-13-2001, 11:53 AM
Terry -

Just checked out Massport... you and I are both hosed for flights. There's no way Logan's gonna get their act together anytime soon. Get your butt down to the Chatham Anglers Club or else let's go down to NYC... one or the other! }>

09-13-2001, 12:07 PM
Ive wished the same-that I could somehow, someway make my way to NYC because I feel so helpless out here and I feel that it is my duty to help, to be there...I only wish there was something I could do. :(

...and yet at the sametime, the rivers I fish bring me great relief and would give me a break from all this and at the same time some reflection.

09-13-2001, 12:46 PM
I have not checked any boards or even thought about fishing until this morning.

I do think that fishing may have some theroputic benefit, Soon.

God Bless America.

09-13-2001, 02:45 PM
Terry, Juro to bad about the trips.

I was supposed to go fishing with my brother-in-law Tuesday night. I heard the news coming into work that day and did my best to stay away from the media frenzy, denial I guess. On the way home I got a big dose of the news via the radio and it started to sink in. Needless to say I didnít go that night. Yesterday I heard that someone I know lost 7 friends on one of the planes that hit the WTC, now itís really hitting home. I have only started to process the horror. This morning I went out for a quickie at Plymouth beach, my attempt to escape reality was unsuccessful but I did at least start to process things. Currently my mindset is go fish, if not for the fun of it, as a therapy. I feel the same way about the outdoors as many of you, the vast expanse of the sea and the rhythm of the tides seem to have a calming effect that helps me reflect on many things. Iíve got to think some of the people that were murdered were fisherpersons, theyíll never make another cast but we can. Punishing ourselves by feeling guilty about enjoying our freedoms seems unhealthy and diminishes the country as a whole. Right now the country is in a state of national depression and we are going to have to get over it and redirect the energy in some positive way before we can face the future.

09-13-2001, 03:19 PM
I think you (veryone) needs to get out.

I've found that I can only stand so much of the second by second news coverage and that keeping busy keeps me metally healthy.

Too bad there are no fish in Chatham anymore, otherwise I'd invite Terry down....


09-13-2001, 10:33 PM
The logistics may not be there for it but I've though about the possibility of a conclave of sorts. Not to throw flies at fish but to do whatever in our power to help the heros in NYC.

Maybe it can be done...

09-16-2001, 11:30 AM
NrthFrk16 (09-13-2001 11:33 p.m.):
The logistics may not be there for it but I've though about the possibility of a conclave of sorts. Not to throw flies at fish but to do whatever in our power to help the heros in NYC.

Maybe it can be done...

Right now, more than anything, the rescue effort in NYC is in need of money more than blood or donated items.

Here are some places you can send money (thanks to Yahoo for making this convenient):

Be well.


09-18-2001, 07:57 AM
Although my thoughts come from far beyond your shores, I hope you don't mind if I express my feelings on last week's despicable events.

I was down in England for my annual fishing holiday when my daughter rang me on my mobile to tell me what was happening in NYC. All 7 of us in the group were stunned and headed our boats to shore.

The English language does not yet possess words which can adequately describe this act. It seemed a remote happening to the others, but I was In NYC in June and walked the Streets and Avenues of Manhattan. When we eventually saw TV pictures I felt a tenuous bond with the New Yorkers, based entirely on their friendliness to myself and my wife during our visit.

Juro was, in my opinion, spot on about being in places not created by human hand. The outdoors is a form of Church. If it helps, then go talk to The Man. It may also help your feelings of anger and frustration to ponder over the words of Izaak Walton "God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling".

Phil McDade


09-19-2001, 11:08 PM
It's been 8 days now since a colleague told me to take a look downtown from our midtown office. First thoughts were the friends and clients who worked in the building. The next day an email reminded about a conference on the 106th floor which I had decided not to attend the prior week. Most of my friends and clients made it out but all of those attending the conference remain on the missing list. Going back to the city this past week, its been very hard to focus.

This is a Great country which I am proud to call home.

If I could, I would go fishing.