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: Recognition of Outstanding Service

09-11-2001, 07:45 PM
In light of today's tragic events this may seem rather unimportant, but I still feel compelled to express my feelings on a lighter note.

Too often people complain about lack of customer service in todays society and too few times do people express thanks or spread the word about excellent customer care. I would like to be included in the latter.

This is my first season flyfishing. For my birthday on August 25th, my wife purchased directly from Abel a Wet/Dry Bag as well as a Perfect Tool. To my surprise, the knife blade seemed unusually dull and useless. Although I had written the company an email and had not heard from them after a week, in short time I received an invoice in the amount of $0.00. The following day I received a wonderful note card from Dan Anthon, Factory Sales Representative, wishing me a "Happy Birthday", an apology for a less than perfect Perfect Tool, along with a replacement with a very sharp blade. I now have the "perfect" Perfect Tool.

My wife was impressed with their assistance when placing the order, and I am equally impressed with their customer care. I wish all companies could learn from their actions. "Real" customer service is a rare commodity. Fortunately, Abel has learned one of the key secrets to business success and deserves recognition for their outstanding customer service.

A satisfied customer!