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: Troubled times have come...

09-11-2001, 09:03 AM
By now you all know about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I am a bit overcome with rage and emotion right now, but I feel that with all that is right about this world of ours things seem pretty wrong right now.

Heaven help these bastards, cause no one else should give them any mercy.

09-11-2001, 09:25 AM
And stay safe!!

I now know what it is like to live during time of war... :( :( :(

09-11-2001, 11:01 AM
Safe wishes to everyone....who knows what's next...
Makes everything else seem irrelevant.....

09-11-2001, 12:20 PM
This is the greatest domestic tragedy our country has ever faced. My deepest sympathy to all who lost loved ones in this brutal attack. Words cannot express the sorrow for our nation and its people.

However, as Juro points out, this will certainly accelerate our national resolve to destroy terrorists.


09-11-2001, 02:19 PM
Just heard that Palestinians are celebrating in the streets... CELEBRATING!?!

Not sure if they are to actually to blame or if it's just misdirected enthusiasm, but right now it's almost certain that thousands of innocent US civilians have been murdered. My feelings of anger are pretty ugly right now and were even worse as I tried to break thru the jammed cell phone network to reach my oldest child in the city. She finally got back to me and laughed appreciatively at my concern, and her youthful confidence snapped me out of the very bad state of mind I was in.

As someone who joined the workforce during the trickle down economics era, I've worked on several US defense systems (air/space/land/sea) over my day job career and I am very aware of the hell we can create. It's a good thing I don't have access to these systems right now... but then again killing more innocents won't solve anything. A systematic dismantling of the military and government structures would be a good use of deadly force though. If they'll take an out-of-shape middle-aged guy like me I'd be happy to do a tour of duty.

I've always maintained the belief that man, despite all the horror he creates sometimes, is fundamentally good and full of hope. Maybe it's the sudden introduction of doubt in this basic belief that makes me feel so damn bad right now.

As far as I know this tragedy has spared my own circle of friends and family (my sister just moved out of her NY city apartment which is under the rubble right now). This event is sure to have devastated thousands of others beyond our worst nightmares and I feel deeply for these people; they have my prayers.

09-11-2001, 06:44 PM
I wish there was more I could do to help. I have a niece that escaped NYC in the midst of the chaos. The fact that Logan Airport was involved strikes too close to home also. I can't find the words for my outrage right now but I know our way of life will continue and we will find security through our technology and commitment.
We've spilled blood before our way of life it will run again. We need to be patient and figure out which brainwashed group of fanatics did this. Then put a serious hurt on them.


Bob Pink
09-11-2001, 07:05 PM
Emotions do funny ( peculiar ) things to the human mind, I too was outraged when I heard of the celebrations on the streets in the middle east and it took a long time to reign in my feelings and try to focus on the issue of the perpetrators and not the nations.
This is different as I tried to explain to my kids tonight, it's not like a war against a country, terrorism doesn't work like that.
I can only hope that as a leader, Bush can surprise me with his strength and resolve. And that as a country we have the resources and courage to make those that plan, finance and provide safe haven to terrorism see the their own deaths approach with the same deliberation and finality.
Haven't been a prayin' guy for a long time but.................

09-11-2001, 10:25 PM
I am glad to hear that your daughter is okay!

All that I can say right now is that I will never be the same. America's relative inocence has been shattered and the youth of this country and myslef included, can now relate to our Grandparent's horrific stories of the death and destruction of War.

I saw a large amount of racisist remarks break out upon other forums on the Web and at first I wanted to condem (sp?-when will I learn to spell?) those remarks but after watching the celebrations taking place in the streets, I could not help but feel the same haterid toward a certain ethnic group. When have, in OUR history, celebrated the death of innocent civillians?????

That is why WE, myself included, feel the way that we do and I ask that we are given the power to overcome this unfair hate.

09-11-2001, 10:42 PM
December 7th, 1941
September 11th. 2001
I remember my father speaking of Pearl Harbor and the way the nation felt after the attack.
"This is our Pearl Harbor."

Fred Evans
09-12-2001, 02:35 AM
Well if this isn't an ófficial' declaration of war against the United States, what will it take to get Congress' attention?

09-12-2001, 06:42 AM
NrthFrk16 (09-11-2001 11:25 p.m.):
...can now relate to our Grandparent's horrific stories of the death and destruction of War.
When have, in OUR history, celebrated the death of innocent civillians?????

Now that things have become more clear about the perpetrators I am almost embarassed about some of my statements above - but I think Bob Pink Jr put it best, terrorism has no country per se, in fact Osama Bin Laden is an exile (and we're not yet sure of any involvement on his part). I'm sure the Palestine celebrations are in a sense like the Nazi Germany (citizen) celebrations, a people mislead by propaganda and following any ray of hope no matter how wrong.

As far as celebrating in the streets... sadly, even the US celebrated the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians when atom bombs were dropping at the end of WWII. To emphasize the point, a veteran wearing a Red Sox cap (some may have seen it) was interviewed on TV this morning denouncing all such celebrations with tears in his eyes, including the celebrations of his own countrymen witnessesed during Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course this was before any or most of us were born whereas this is clearly in our face and has a direct emotional impact, but I am sure through the ages millions of people have been touched this way.

Of all the things people believe they have achieved with these acts throughout our sometimes shameful history as a species, we would have really done something when they stop.

09-12-2001, 06:51 AM
It is the very strength of our country, the freedom that we enjoy, that makes our nation so powerful as well as susceptible to such an attack as yesterday.

In the end, all of us will effected by the loss of a friend or a loved one yesterday. I myself spent the day in fear that my friends on the 81 st floor as well as friends from my old company got out safely. Some are still unaccounted for.

There is no reason for anyone to be ashamed of your emotions whatever they were/ are. We just need to recognize that we have a faceless enemy and cannot let our anger move us to unwarranted actions.

This is the greatest country in the world, it's time to get back to work and not let whoever the cowards are behind these attacks win.


09-12-2001, 08:57 AM
Sorry to say this but "the best defense is a good offence". They will never go away until they understand that we will never rest until will "eliminate "the evil ,even if it takes forever.

09-12-2001, 11:20 AM
Roop - very sorry to hear about your friends and former co-workers. I have coworkers with brothers who are firefighters they haven't heard from and I felt the impact on our region when I saw a house on my commute route crowded with carloads of sympathetic family members and friends crowding to comfort a bereaved family member, without any doubt a victim of the terror. I can only imagine the horror in NY and the DC area...

Dble Haul
09-12-2001, 12:01 PM
I join in with the others who have expressed their anger and frustrations with the events of the past day. What has struck me the most about this tragedy is the resolve that has been demonstrated by our citizens, not just in NYC, but around the country. I went to give blood yesterday in Hartford, and the wait was 4 to 6 hours! Many of us were turned away, asked to come back today. The response is overwhelming.

Seeing so many people working together in the streets of NYC and DC just proves how great our country is. I've seen people of all ethnicities toiling side by side to save lives and help in any way that they can. I have a co-worker who has 4 close friends who worked in the Trade Center; he doesn't yet know if they're okay.......

It's okay to be mad, but our justice must above all else be accurate and correct before it can be swift. Please bear this in mind. Also, there are a couple of Arab-Americans where I work that are getting a real bum rap from a few ignorant people. Now is not the time for clouded generalizations, because these people are as outraged as we are.


09-12-2001, 01:17 PM
Even as bomb making materials are detected in hotels a short walk away from where my child attends school... the way things have matured I respectfully withdraw any generalizing statements I may have made about who might be to blame and will with hold further displays of frustration until the real perpetrators are known. Sorry if I made comments that offended anyone. Terrorism brings out the worst in people I guess.

09-12-2001, 01:34 PM
Things are getting crazy here in downtown Boston.

Boston Police and FBI agents have arrested one person following a heavily-armed raid at the Westin-Copley Hotel in Boston. Broadcast reports say the arrest is related to yesterday's terrorist attacks. The hotel is being evacuated after a bomb sniffing dog made a hit. In a possible related development, the AP says the FBI is searching a Newton hotel.

09-13-2001, 10:41 PM
The emotions of a Canadian
Iam writing this after spending the last week in Toronto Ontario watching this tragedy take place. My first thoughts were why why why and then turned to the country or oginization and all that harboured them must pay the surpreme price. I know that Canada as a country and my self as a friend share with you all the sorrow of this tragic and cowaridly act of agression.
During my 18hr effort to get on a plane to return to British Columbia at Pearson international Airport in Toronto many American travellers were in an adjacent area doing the same thing when a spontaneous singing of GOD BLESS AMERICA broke out with most Canadians joining in. There were not many dry eyes then and now as I post this.
I cant say much more.