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: wedding ring solution.

Salmon Chaser
03-12-2004, 09:19 PM
While it may be easier to remove it entirely, I dont like to and wear it while fishing. What i will do is take an elastic band(thin) and half-hitch it between my knuckle and ring, until i feel it will be secure. Do not hitch too tightly(circulation problem if you get it too tight), just enough so it wont slip over your knuckle. I dont know if this will work for you or not but it sure works for me.
Salmon Chaser.
If you come home from "a day on the river" with no ring on your finger, well, I'll leave that up to you guys to explain!:tsk_tsk:
Salmon Chaser

03-13-2004, 01:35 AM
this is a post I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Lets just say... being married to a 'redhead' whose lost his ring once (Joan was there/we were playing golf) there is NO answer to the next obvious question.

Nail it to your chest!!

03-14-2004, 03:52 AM
I wear my ring 24/7 on the ship but remove it on every fishing outing. I've already lost one ring after a dip in some cold water. Found out that everything shrinks in cold water...EVERYTHING!
I usually put the ring through my watch strap.

01-13-2005, 10:45 AM
you could get a bit of twine and tie it the ring. To the other end you could tether a bobber so if the ring slips off you can chase it down the stream.

haha kidding

good idea with the rubber band though

01-13-2005, 11:29 AM
Throw it on a chain and wear it around your neck like Frodo Baggins.

"One Ring to Rule them All" as they say.... :hihi:

01-15-2005, 08:02 AM
My wedding ring with the original diamond I gave my wife 43 years ago came off making a cast in the Deschutes last summer. I did eveything to try and find it. Went back several times but no luck.
SOOOO, if anyone finds a 6mm gold band with one diamond in the hole along 26 between the boat ramp and the Riffle fly shop. I am the one it belongs to.

Yea true story,, wife took it ok but its bothered me since I lost it.

Solutin to not loosing yours, wear a light glove on that hand. Cut the fingers off below the knuckle.


01-19-2005, 12:24 PM
Sorry to hear that Skilly. :( Being newly married (1.5 months), I haven't run into this issue yet. I'll have to pay attention when I go fishing this spring!