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: Need Help Finding The owner Of This Rod

Robert Meiser
03-10-2004, 03:22 PM
Need Some Help Here Guys,

A fella just called the shop and said that he found a T&T 13 ft. 9 wt. at the Illinois confluence near Agnes on the lower Rogue.

The rod was found in a case on the Agnes Rd. heading towards Gold Beach....So was probably forgotten on the roof of a car.

A little history of this rod may help find the owner.

The rod has R.B. Meiser ~ Ashland. Or. written on it, and thinking R.B. was the owner, the finder went to information and just now called me.

Actually.... The rod was built at the request of Juanita Struble 4 years ago.

She asked me to build the rod as a donation to her favorite charity: A Portland Childrens Hospital.

The fund raiser/auction was held at the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville/Cow Creek about 4 years ago.

The rod case that the rod was found in is red cordura, and has "WSU' embroidered on it....So it could be a Washington State owner.

The rod is pretty decked out with wood grips and inlays, so it would be very easy to recognize if one were to claim lose of it.

I have the finders contact number here, and anyone can reach me via my phone # or E-Mail if you come up with any leads.

This may be a long shot...

... But the two handed community is pretty tight, so this info may get around pretty quick.

Hopefully we'll get this rod back to her rightful owner.


03-11-2004, 12:16 PM
Just posted it to westfly,, ifish and ncffb. Hopefully someone will see it.


Robert Meiser
03-11-2004, 12:36 PM
Thanks Gus....Great idea.

Also just talked with Juanita, and she is getting in contact with the Dornbecker auction commitee to see if they still have a record of the winning bidder for this rod.

My guess is we'll get this rod back to the owner.

Very cool about the guy in Gold Beach ringing me up with this info....Spey Folk Rock !!!


Andre D
03-11-2004, 02:39 PM
how could someone forgot such a beautiful rod????


03-11-2004, 03:37 PM
left leaning against the truck parked next to me at Lower Tou Velle park. Sheba had cut her paw, dumped rods against the fellows truck, in goes dog, out comes first aid kit ......

I was stupid lucky to get them both back a couple of weeks later.

Bob, also put this in the Pisc. Pur. board and one other ... words spreading.