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: Little girls fly

03-09-2004, 12:23 AM
I just can`t resist sharing this story.
This weekend I was tying at the RISAA show in Prov. and the place was jammin. A father accompanied by 4 little girls stopped to watch and the girls were all questions and wanted to touch everything. It was a command preformance and I couldn`t resist. An hour and a half later they had all tied thier own pink worm fly and were giddy with pride. One of them said " I caught a fish last year and i got a picture". Then she went and asked Dad and returned with a 10x13 color glossy of her holding a huge conventional outfit with a large sheepshead still dangling from the hook. She said I could keep the pic and even autographed it for me, it said" Thanks Merrill age 5". I`m still overwhelmed by the feeling that gave me! I`ve been fishing many years and caught lots of fish and had tons of stories but none ever gave me such a good feeling as these little girls. The pic now holds a honored spot atop my tying bench.
I spent 14 hours tying at that show and only came home with 4 flies. No child that showed intrest went away without thier own personaly tied rememberance. I hope I`ve helped to get some of them started and that I`ve repayed some of the people who inspired me so many years ago.

03-09-2004, 05:55 AM
You're a good man slinger, and like the saying goes...

that's what it's all about!

03-09-2004, 01:55 PM
What a great story this is, and I'm sure a greater memory for you to treasure.
Way to go Slinger!

03-09-2004, 03:05 PM
as a father of three girls that don't really enjoy fishing,maybe you've made some young boys their future wives that'll understand,maybe even partake of what'll be left of the natural world,my hat's off!

03-10-2004, 02:53 PM
What comes around, goes around. And this was a good way to come around.

Have an experience with my Daughter I'd like to share. Both my kids have the flytying bug. When they were a bit younger, was spending fathers day down at our river property. Was a bit early for summerruns, but always bring the rod since there's always fish. Had flytying kit too with me. My daughter asked "Daddy, will you tie me a fly?" I said "Sure honey" and she started grabbing stuff out of my box. She just started grabbing stuff and told me where to put it. After I was done, would be called "kitchen sink" since it had a bit of everything on it. But she was proud of her design, and I put it in my fly box. Went out to fish with the kids the next morning. Mostly trout, but have caught summerruns this early there. Didn't have any luck. Then my daughter asked "Daddy, why don't you try my fly?". I figured why not and tied it on. Few casts later, nice summerrun to the bank. Let the fish go, snipped that fly off, and now is retired. I just couldn't replace it. And she was proud of her design. She's been hooked ever since. And if she asks to design one, I'm all ears. :D