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: Martha Stewart Verdict Just In!

03-05-2004, 02:06 PM
Watching the news... News flash---Stewart Guilty on ALL counts!

03-05-2004, 03:58 PM
...BEHIND BARS!...:rolleyes:

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03-05-2004, 04:05 PM
Considering the personal wealth of the individual, the stock loss wouldn't even appear as a minor footnote on her IRS 1040. And she could have used the write-off to-boot. Go figure?

Joan and I (yesterday) had to file an ammended return for 2002 as we'd missed a '1099' stock sale. Total change in state tax was $64; Federal $112. Cost to have our CPA respond to IRS: $300. Cost to IRS to match up all the paperwork: ? Aren't computers wonderful?

Cost to 'Martha' to have her accountant input the stock loss: zip, just another line on her return.

03-05-2004, 06:31 PM
To Pete's points, this link was posted on another site.

As much as I can't stand her my sense is a lot of bigger fish are slippin through the net.

03-06-2004, 12:03 AM
should have hired OJ's lawyers:D

03-06-2004, 03:31 AM

Pardon my cynicism but if she doesn't fly fish, I mean who cares?
Well now that I think of it, I guess her future cellmates will be treated to some nice curtains and enjoy canapes at six. The cell block just won't be the same anymore, there will be live remotes covering such interior themes as decorating your favorite confined spaces. We'll all need a break by the time they turn the key on the old girl.

John :smokin:

03-06-2004, 06:30 AM
I'd say absolve her and let her remain free if she'd give 75% of her insane wealth to preserve the wild and endangered American gamefish and their habitats :D

If she did it again it would cost her the rest :devil:

03-06-2004, 08:39 PM
Well are right, she does not fish...but I wanted to post it anyway and an example that in some circumstances the big fall hard.... This was an example of the coverup being worse that the original offence...

03-06-2004, 10:21 PM
Does this mean that the public will now have beach access again near the Stewart Estate in the Hamptons?

03-07-2004, 12:24 PM
she does fly does that make it any more relevant?
She lied, and was caught. She should be held responsible for her actions. It should be noted that she was not guilty of anything, and lied to protect her broker (who was). Commit the crime, do the time.
Having said that, talk about cover ups....I'm glad the justice department is working overtime to clean up corporate corruption:rolleyes: