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: Name change... how would you feel?

08-01-2001, 03:22 PM
The first choice name for this website became available the other day. Flyfishing forum was the second choice. I waited many months for it to become avaliable and tracked the status in WHOIS and was up late one night when it became available.

I had my finger on the trigger... I had the credit card in my hand... then I started to wonder. What if people are OK with the name as it is, maybe even like it? Sure it's hard to type sometimes, and I had a whole bunch of logos and stuff all set up for the other domain name that could be (finally) used. It was my first choice a year and a half ago, and there it stared me in the face.

What would it mean to change the name of the site now? I decided not to buy the domain, and as you might have guessed it was bought quickly by someone in New York.

Just out of curiosity, how would you all have taken it if we changed the name?

08-01-2001, 04:02 PM
Wouldn't matter. But at this point, why would you change? Marketing (catchy, memorable name), shorten the name (ie,

Fred A.

08-01-2001, 04:52 PM
I like flyfishingforum and wouldn't change it given the choice. I also would not be offended or any such thing if the name was changed.

08-01-2001, 05:32 PM
I was intorduced to this site by a dynamo! He is a driving force and a gentleman...and can walk on ricepaper over soft sand while wearing wet waders and not leave a mark, much less a tear. His name is Juro and he hasn't let me down yet.
If he has been waiting for this "opportunity" to bring about a change of name and it was his first choice to begin with, I say GO FOR IT JURO!...This has been a special place and will continue to bring good people with common interests together. I'll take Juro's first choice in a heartbeat as long as we continue to share good times and each others company!
My .02

08-01-2001, 06:16 PM
What was the other name?.... I agree with Pete.. it's your call Juro... I like the existing name... but it's the group of people not the name so much... as long as it's not some weird name. But I guess all things being equal I see nothing wrong with the current name unless there is some perceived improvement of some sort.

08-01-2001, 06:22 PM
If you change it, the lurkers will still come....

08-01-2001, 06:23 PM
I'm a big FFF fan(how is that for alliteration)!

I'm with John, though, what was your first choice?

08-01-2001, 07:01 PM
I'd have no problem with a name change, particularly if Juro had one he'd lusted after for a year. Wow.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rhododendron, or whatever.

08-01-2001, 10:37 PM
Content trumps name.

08-02-2001, 07:50 AM
Sounds like you already missed the opportunity, but what was the name?

Name change wouldn't matter to me. It could, however, have a significant impact on the site's marketing. There is plenty of research demonstrating this. I have a large client who just went through this. We redesigned their web presence for the new domain. You would not believe how much simplifying their name instantly increased site traffic/membership and subsequently online sales. Incredible.

In addition, given how cheap it is to register a domain, it can never hurt to scoop one up...especially if it's one you've wanted for a long time and it suddenly becomes available...which is not too common.

08-02-2001, 11:18 AM
I who have hestitated have lost.

The name was "the Flyfishing Zone", FFZ.

Get into the zone! You're in the ZONE. Cool hats, etc.

It was available for a matter of hours, and I had the chance but maybe things are best left as they are.

Anyway, just thought I would poll the reaction since I didn't pull the trigger.

thanks and onward with the FORUM!

08-02-2001, 12:23 PM
FF Forum is the better name IMHO. Glad you balked.


08-02-2001, 02:39 PM
Juro -

I wasn't zinged by ...Zone, but it's moot anyway. I think the current name's fine.

08-03-2001, 06:03 PM
I think that the the fortune of a web site has to do with content. People went crazy snatching up domains, and most of those sites are lame. No content gets you two visits. Keep up the good work everyone, and this one will do well. bet the farm that a catchy domain name and a ton of hype was going to be the key to success. I guess they now know why no one in the pet industry had ever advertised on the superbowl befor.
I wouldn't have cared if you changed the name.

08-14-2001, 10:52 PM
To me, the name is not important.
It's what's inside that counts...
It's what the people put in to and take out that makes this a great web site.
"Would a fly fishing forum by any other name, smell as fishy?"
(Hmmm.. That worked for Shakespeare with a rose, somehow that didn't sound right...) Oh well, I still think this is a cool place to hang out. 8)
Bottom line... Keep up the great work, you should be proud of what had been achieved.

08-14-2001, 11:00 PM
Very glad to have you around as well, mayflyman - and thanks to everyone for the encouraging words, in fact that domain name doesn't sound that great anymore. You're all right, what's important is the quality environment that *people* make happen.

What's in a name anyway!

08-15-2001, 12:14 PM
juro (08-15-2001 12:00 a.m.):

What's in a name anyway!

A lot. Why just look at the respect I command with my latest Nom De Keyboard: