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: white bead head beads

03-02-2004, 08:46 AM
I wasn't getting any response in the other board so I thought i would post here and give it a try. I'm looking for an online source for white bead head beads, the ones used to tie the ice cream cone chironomid. Thanks.


Dble Haul
03-02-2004, 09:15 AM
I sent some info to you via PM. I hope it's somewhat helpful.

03-02-2004, 03:17 PM

You can find all sorts of beads in a miriad of colors and sizes in a craft shop. And the best part is, you can buy larger quantities and at less cost than from fly material suppliers. I know that Michael's Craft Stores carry them. Ben Franklin used to carry them; but I haven't been in a Ben Franklin's store in 4 years so I don't know if they still do. I've found beads in nearly every craft store I've ever been in. Just go to one and look around.

03-02-2004, 03:51 PM
I have always painted mine. Just string em up on a piece of mono and go over them with some spray paint.


03-02-2004, 03:54 PM
The shop that I work at sells the painted white metal beads in all the various sizes. And, we have also talked to Spirit River (our supplier of the beads), to produce white painted tungsten beads as well...hopefully someday.

Email me if you would like more info.