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: Winnipesaukee Vacation!

07-04-2001, 10:34 AM
I will be staying at Lake Winnipesaukee the third week in July & I will have my 19-footer. Five of us have a cottage on the water in Ash Cove, which is on Second Neck, A few miles East of Center Harbor. So far I have a boating chart & found a web-site ( with lots of links. I plan to get my license & go some fishing, mostly early morning & perhaps a few evenings. I will be bringing Fly & Spin gear. I have never fished Winnipesaukee & I donít have much experience freshwater fishing in general.

What Iím looking for is information and/or advice. I donít expect any secret honey-holes, just general stuff.

Species, what should I hope to catch (C&R of course). Iím thinking large & small mouth, panfish.

Best times to fish. Depths to focus on, etc?

Fly lines, floating & sinking lines. Iím bringing a 6 & a 6/7, do I need my 8? Flies, Popper bugs & streamers & anything else recommended.

Spin gear 5í ultra-lite & a 6.5í bass rod. Spinners, Spinner-baits. Taking suggestions on lures (donít want to buy a ton of crap that doesnít produce). Bait, worms, shiners & suggestions.

Also, other fun stuff for the Families. A good restaurant that you can go to by boat & other good restaurants? Places were we can beach or anchor up & swim. Islands to got to & Areas to explore by boat? Any other fun family stuff. Also, any URLs with good info.

Please post or send e-mail.

Thanks in advance.

07-04-2001, 07:15 PM
GregO -

My memories of fishing on Winni are great. We usually hit it in the end of May / first week in June to target the inshore presence of big bronzebacks but I have been there at other times and the fishing is always great.

Fishing early in the morning makes a big difference, you will see all kinds of fish cruising the shoreline at first light and in the evening that you don't see mid-day. When the smallmouth are in tight to shore a floating line and some kind of deerhair bug, popper, bunny, or wooly bugger in crayfish colors would be deadly. Streamers with bronze backs and some gold angel hair mixed into the back, or chocolate brown backs would do well to imitate forage species. Smelt is another you might imitate.

They like to hang out around rocky structures, mid day you would do well fishing with sinking lines and short twitches on a deep retrieve. Morning and evening I would cast to shoreline structures with topwater flies and hold on tight.

Also where you find inlet streams you can expect summertime smallies in the deep troughs where they dump in even in mid-day and the fight in the current is amazing.

By targeting shallow warmer (weedier) areas like Green Harbor you'll find a lot of big largemouths as well. Probably a lot of pickerel as well, if you are interested. I recall a bunch of them in the area.

With a boat like yours you really have no place on this myriad of inlets and bays that you can't reach so I'm sure you will have no problems finding fish.

I am emailing a map of a 'honey hole' where I had some incredible fishing days years ago. I am sure it is still a productive spot and worth a visit for it's scenic value alone never mind the fishing.

I would think a 7 is adequate for this fishery. Sinking line is needed to target the deep structures during the day, like around bouys marking rocks and rocky drop offs.

I would give some deep water presentation a try around Snake Island between Center Harbor and Meredith, the area is known for lakers and landlocked salmon as well as an occasional large trout.

I don't have any recent info on restaurants and the like but you can contact Waldron's Dugout in Meredith for local information.

Good luck on those beautiful waters!

07-04-2001, 08:57 PM
Hi Grego, I am sending you an e-mail address of a very good friend of mine, Bob Harris, who lives in NH. He is an outdoor writer who writes columns on hunting and fishing in NH. I know he fishes Winnie asa often as he can, and he has written several articles about fishing it. I think some of the articles were in MOOD magazine. He took me under his wing years ago, had me to his house a few weekends, and we fished together for Coho Salmon, Lampery River, in 1982. We also fished the Androscoggin around Errol for trout. I caught a brook,brown,rainbow, and a landlock salmon in the same pool. A very knowledgeable friend. I am sending his e-mail address by e-mail as I don't want to post it without his knowledge.

John Desjardins
07-05-2001, 09:22 AM
From the days when I chased fish with a spinning rod my most successfull lures were:
For bass; 6" black or purple rubber worm, a 2 1/2" floating rapala either a black or blue back, and a black roostertail spinner( 1/4 oz). I normally fished the worms on an ultralight with no added weight and slowly twitched them in. Sometimes I put an overhand knot in their tail to make the retreive more erratic. Sluggos would be a good addition to this list.

For pickerel a red & white daredevele worked wonders. Get the genuine one with the devil on it in the 3/16 or 1/4 oz size.

Good luck.

07-05-2001, 09:53 AM
Juro, Art & John:

Great stuff, just the kinds of things I was looking for. You guys rule, Thanks!

07-07-2001, 10:48 PM
...Lake Winnipesaukee?? Like the Lake Winnipesaukee from What About Bob? ? :D

07-08-2001, 03:08 PM
That's the one! The water in the area is so clear you can see a waterlogged $5 bill at around 12 feet deep. How do I know? I saw one and my kids dared me to jump over and get it. I got it, but man it was d-e-e-p!

It's been on a lot of ESPN shows lately, getting popular with those who kiss their bass lately.

02-02-2002, 10:07 PM
Was viewing around the old posts before I joined the forumn.

This one brings back boy hood memories of about three summer vacations on Lake Winnepesaukee. NH fishing for small mouths in the Meredith area. I was probably 13-14 years old just started fly fishing for trout, back then nobody fly fished for bass.

My biggest smallmouth to date is one from Winnepausaukee about 19 inches 3.5 pounds. My brother got one 4.5 pounds. The water was really clear then in the early 1960s, sounds like it still might be from these posts. Both were caught on rubber worms and spinning gear.

Always wanted to get back there for the land locked salmon but to busy with other fishing, women, school ,work, etc..... Last time through that area was in 1978 (wow !), hope it is still close to the same.

Can't believe Waldrons's Dugout is still there Juro !! My parents used to know the owners of Harts Turkey Farm, beleive they
have passed away now.

Great memories up there from boyhood days.


02-05-2002, 11:34 AM
It was a very nice "Laid Back" Vacation. It was very hot & the water was quite warm in the shallows. As a result, the fishing was pretty slow. I did manager a couple of Large Mouths (biggest ~4 lbs) & two Smallies (~2-3 lbs). Due to the high temps I caught at night, early AM & early evening. I must admit that all the bass were caught on spin gear using synthetics; however I did catch one of the smallies on a 5' ultra light with 4lb test. The only thing I could manage on the Fly were Perch & Panfish.

02-05-2002, 11:52 AM
of a giraffe or a zebra and a wild-eyed rider from that last vacation:hehe:

Did you review your question from last year?

02-05-2002, 12:09 PM

It was a Zebra; I think Jack Gartside owns a copyright to the Giraffe! I recently cleaned up
my website & I think I deleted that picture. Now
you see what happens when you drink too many Coronas in in Sun!

As for re-posting, I think PMFlyFisher came across this Old post & replied, so I replied to his reply!