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: Flats fishing... for SALMON???

06-14-2001, 10:04 PM

Make sure to check out the most recent guild article "Flats Salmon" from Eric Bigler of Oregon. Like many inshore saltwater species, the salmon is a viable yet often overlooked gamefish on the coastal flats when in the pre-spawn phase, and Eric and friends are all over that!

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06-18-2001, 03:01 PM
A great article! Brought back memories of Chum and Pinks on the Hoodsport oyster flats.

06-19-2001, 04:53 PM
Now you've got me thinking. Looking forward to the Kings holding in the estuaries later in the fall during their "waiting period" before going up the rivers to spawn. Picture sight casting to a cruising King in the estuary from a boat - WOW! Variation on a Bonefishing theme ala PNW style. Sounds as though this may add an entirely new dimension to my fly fishing in Puget Sound. Wonder if many folks up here pursue them this way - spotting them and casting a fly to them, that is. Have you been there and done that? The thought of a 30lb King chasing down a fly and witnessing the entire scene unfold already has my adrenalin pumping.

06-19-2001, 07:46 PM
Mid summer and fall will produce in the general Vancouver BC. area great beach fishing and in the esturires great fishing for Coho. Pinks and Chum [Dog,Calico] Salmon. The chase for these buties continues to the Fraser River and its tributaries. At this time of the year it is real bonanza.

06-19-2001, 11:07 PM
Lizards with fins. :D

Just kidding guys...this later summer/early fall is sure going to be great around here.