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: Lake fishing

06-07-2001, 06:24 AM
Now I know that there are plenty of lakes in the states, and Canada etc., and I heard there were fish in most of them... but how do you extract them using flies?

Do you fish from 15-17' 'lake boats' using traditional wet fly methods as we do here in Ireland and Britain, and match the hatch when there is one?

Or is it all super duper float tubes, canoes, exotic tyings and special searching patterns?

do tell...


06-07-2001, 11:39 AM
Greetings Mylo, hope things are well on the Emerald Isle.

In the northeast, the canoe is the most common with float tubes also very common.

The trout fishery is mostly a spring and fall affair, and many of the lakes are stocked fisheries. They do hold over in the better lakes and some have exceeded 10 pounds.

Early fish tend to take gnats and emergers as well as beadjead wooly buggers well. As the season progresses trout tend to get more selective toward the hatches and also will feed actively on baitfish near the shoreline in the wee hours.

The baitfish in most lakes in the northeast include shiners (a minnow related to the carp), smelt (in good water quality lakes), killifish, and bream. Streamers that imitate these do well in the morning and evening when meat-eating trout are on the prowl, usually near the shoreline.

Warmwater species like smallmouth bass are great angling too - there is a very large reservoir called the Quabbin Res formed by flooding a valley where the smallmouth bass fishing is out of this world using any type of streamer, crayfish imitation, or leech imitation. It's best to use a small lake craft with motor on this lake because of it's size.