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: New Angling update from Ireland (30th may) and FMD update

06-06-2001, 04:32 AM
Greetings everyone,

(most of this will not apply to US anglers.... but may be of interest)

I just want to make clear the latest situation about Angling in Ireland and particularly those who intend to travel to Ireland in the near future. I contacted the Dept. of Agriculture and Food here on Friday evening and they gave me answers on several questions which I was been asked about regularly.

Firstly, Anglers can bring in maggots, groundbaits, crab and all seabaits. It is forbidden to bring in meat and any daily products and this regulation is ongoing even without foot and mouth.

Anglers coming from the UK can safely fish here taking the advise below particularly for people in contact with animals and livestock especially in infected areas in the UK where foot and mouth outbreak still exists.

In such a case the following procedures must take place: ================================================== ====================

Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development An Roinn Talmhaíochta, Bia agus Forbartha Tuaithe Government of Ireland

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------


Intending visitors who have had contact with susceptible animals or agricultural land or who have been in a control area should not travel to Ireland unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as a family bereavement.

Persons travelling from Northern Ireland, Britain or other FMD infected area must adhere to the following code of practice.

Before travelling the visitor must:-

disinfect* all footwear to be used during the visit.
assemble clothes for the visit which have had no possible contact with farm stock.
shower with plenty of hot water and soap not forgetting to wash the hair and nails.
ensure that luggage to be used is wiped down with an appropriate approved disinfectant.
not bring any foodstuff of animal origin.
When entering the country visitors must observe the disinfection procedures at ports and border crossings.

While in Ireland, all visitors must avoid any contact with susceptible animals or agricultural land.

Visitors from the UK (including Northern Ireland) and the Netherlands who, in the 21 days prior to arrival in the State, have been on agriculture-related places or premises are legally prohibited from entering onto any land or premises within the State where animals are kept for farming purposes, for a period of 21 days after arrival (S.I. No. 160 of 2001)

** A list of approved disinfectants is available from local District Veterinary Offices, Teagasc Offices, the DAFRD website ( and MAFF.

*** Susceptible species are cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer.

Code of Practice in relation to Rural Tourist Accommodation

Document last modified on: 29/5/2001 ================================================== ===================

Finally nearly 98% of our inland fishing is now open. There are only a small nember fisheries still closed by clubs on mainly rivers. Please contact CFB or appropriate Regional Fisheries Board about availability.

If anyone has any queries please contact myself or the Dept. of the Marine and Natural Resources, - I enclose a link - to the latest angling update as I never notified you all last Friday,

Tight Lines ,