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: Bob Nastasi passes away

Dble Haul
02-10-2004, 07:57 AM
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Bob Nastasi, one of the most respected fly fishing personalities of our time, died today. After a courageous six year battle with kidney failure and lung cancer, he died at 1:30 A.M. this morning at his home on Barnegat Bay.

Bob Nastasi grew up in the rough Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn back in the 40's and 50's. He lived in a tenement building with two older brothers and two younger sisters.

Thanks to his dad, Joseph, a New York City cab driver, he spent his childhood summers in Adonia, New York, where he developed a close association with the outdoors through his aunt and cousins. When Bob was a teenager, he spent weekends fishing with his Uncle Pete on board the "Two Brothers" out of Howard Beach. Using "live and cut baits", they fished the wrecks off of Manhattan and Long Island, regardless of the weather.

Bob began a career in the advertising business in New York City as a graphic artist and specialized in the movie industry where he shared boardroom sessions with
such greats as Mel Brooks. He married Roseanne in the mid 60's and moved to Wayne, New Jersey where they raised a family of three boys.

Bob met Al Caucci in 1970 through a mutual friend at Al's vacation home in the Poconos. He came to check out Al's house, but when Bob saw Al's fly tying and 'bug' aquarium setup, he never stopped asking questions. They talked all day and into the night about bugs, and flies, and trout, and a life long friendship was born. Al says that Bob Nastasi's curiosity, artistic talent, and powers of observation are a rarity that he has always admired.

"I have always felt privileged with our close association and friendship, we were like brothers. We will all suffer a great loss without him," said Al.

In 1970, Al and Bob formed "Comparahatch Limited", a corporation for their published works, fly tying materials, and trout flies. It was also the namesake of
their first book, COMPARAHATCH and their ground breaking trout flies; Comparadun, Compara-nymph, Compara spinner, etc., encompassing hundreds of
patterns that knowledgeable anglers use to this day. Bob Nastasi has a long and distinguished career in the world of fly fishing. He co-authored the following
books with Al Caucci:
HATCHES - 1975

HATCHES II is still considered "the" defining book on angling entomology in the fly fishing world and remains in hardcover and has never been printed in paperback.
After 70,000 copies sold, it is still considered the #1 book on the subject introducing incredible photos of insects and revolutionary fly patterns that changed the way people trout fish to this day. Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi fly patterns include the famous Comparadun, compara-caddis, and a raft of patterns that include
imitations for every mayfly species and the subsequent stages of each, which includes hundreds of modern day fly patterns.

Bob and Al started the Caucci/Nastasi Fly Fishing School for trout and bonefish in 1984, which became a nationally famous fly fishing school and is still in
operation today. Bob resigned from the fly fishing business in 1990, with the understanding that both Bob and Al would team up again to write more books in the
future. Bob's health problems started in 1997 put a hold on their plans for new books.

Bob Nastasi is survived by his wife, Roseanne (63), three sons; Robert (40), his daughter, Erica; Christopher (38), his wife Lisa and two daughters, Camille and Louise; Matthew (37); as well as siblings Frank of Wapinger, NY, Joseph of North Carolina and Lorraine of West Virginia.

02-10-2004, 10:45 AM
A true great of flyfishing has left us.